Friday, 23 February 2018

A Time To Write That I Didn't See Coming

“Write a short story every week. It's not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” ― Ray Bradbury

Even though I live in what is called 'The Sunshine State' it has been raining for 3 days now.

I don't like the rain. I know we need it, but I don't like it when it rains heavily for days on end like this.

And today is forecast to be another day of rain.

It's not even 9am and it's already been raining steadily since I got out of bed this morning. In fact, I could hear it on the roof a soon as I woke up.

This weather doesn't exactly inspire me to get up and do anything.

And speaking of which, did you see the image I've included of the guy trying unsuccessfully to get up and function? Hilarious. I actually 'borrowed' it from someone I follow on facebook called Meanwhile in Australia.

The image is exactly how I felt yesterday when I saw it was raining AGAIN.

But guess what?

Once I got up and had a couple of cups of coffee to get me going, I figured why not see how much writing I could get done because there was nothing else to do. It was raining hard so I definitely wasn't going anywhere and everything outside was wet and everything inside was damp. It's still summer here so the weather is wet and hot.

So I sat down yesterday morning and started writing. I have a new project that I'm working on so I had plenty lined up to do.

And surprisingly, I got a lot done, and by the time I'd finished for the day I was pumped with my progress.

So the humid, rainy day that I thought wasn't good for anything, turned out to be one of my best writing days ever.

And it made me wonder how many other great windows of writing opportunity I've missed, just because I didn't feel like I could write.

So today I'm going to rinse and repeat what I did yesterday, even though, when I heard the heavy rain when I woke up, I felt like the image above again, but I got up, showered off the sweat (boy is it humid) and now I'm ready for another non-stop day of writing, despite (or maybe because of) the constantly pounding rain on the roof.

Can't wait.


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Thursday, 22 February 2018

How Much Writing Time Have You Wasted?

It happens every day.

You set out with the best intentions of getting plenty of writing done.

You set your alarm clock, get up on time, have breakfast, do the dishes and are sitting down at your desk bright and early.

But then you check your emails, or start reading online articles, or check your rss feed, take a not-so-quick peek at Facebook and BAM! The morning is almost over.

Or there might be other days when you just simply can't get going and so many other things get in the way.

So how much writing time have you been wasting lately on things like TV, gossiping, coffee mornings, drinking, and other time wasting activities?

Recently, when I was listening to an audio of a talk given by one of the giants in marketing, Gary Bencivenga, he said that how he stays productive is that whenever he's doing something he always asks himself, "Is this the best use of my time?" (paraphrased)

And if it isn't, he stops what he's doing and does something useful instead (or what he should be doing).

I thought that this was a really clever way to stop wasting time on things that don't matter so that I can spend more time on things that do.

And so far it's not only working, but it's made me realise how many things I waste my time on every day.

Like this morning, for instance. I made a couple of changes to one of my website pages and a couple of words at the bottom of it weren't formatting correctly. I kept trying to find out why so I could fix the problem and then I asked myself, "Is this the best use of my time?"

I realised that it wasn't and that a couple of incorrectly formatted words didn't matter. So I uploaded the webpage and got on with my writing.

See how simply that works?

Try it for the rest of today and see what a difference it makes.


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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Time is Really All We Have

We all talk about time and say things like "don't waste my time" or "I don't have time."

But have you ever thought that time is all we really have.

Our life is our time. So if someone or something is wasting our time, it's wasting our life.

That's why it's important to make the most of our time (our life).

So to be a successful writer means to find the time to write.

But it's all too easy to say that you don't have more time to write because of work and family commitments.

Naturally, there may be pockets of time somewhere that you can use to get more writing done.

But who wants to work every hour of every day, right?

The other alternative is to write more in the time you have.

Do you know that when J K Rowling wrote her second Harry Potter book she was a single mother and had a full-time job so her only spare time to write was her lunch hour which she spent at her computer writing. She guarded that one hour a day ferociously.

The 'trick' is to write faster.

It's well-known that writing faster usually means writing better because you don't have time to second-guess yourself and it also leaves no option for procrastinating. You just don't have time for it.

Author Rachel Aaron is best known for her book, 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love where she demonstrates how she increased her writing speed from 2,000 words an hour to 10,000 words an hour, which she had to do because she couldn't find more time to write so she had to write more.

You can read more about her amazing book at

I've read it and I can tell you that it can really help you to increase your writing speed.

And like they say, I can write better when I'm writing faster because I don't have the time to worry about anything. I just have to keep writing.

I use a timer to keep me on track. I set it and see how much writing I can get done in the time that I've allowed myself, which is usually in repeated sessions of 33 minutes and 33 seconds as taught by the late, great copywriter, Eugene Schwartz.

It really helps me to make the best of the writing time that I have every day.


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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

This is Why You're Not Earning Enough Money From Writing

Do you ever sit and wonder why you're not earning as much money from your writing as you want to?

I know I do.

And the thing that I've realised is that when I'm not earning as much money as I want to from my writing, it's because I'm not writing enough.

Whenever I look back over times when I was making sales and earning more money from my books, websites and blog, it was always when I was sitting down and writing every day.

And the times when I wasn't earning enough money, were the times when I wasn't writing as much so I had time to sit and ponder my lack of income.

This is also true of any writer that you look at.

All the successful writers are those that write a lot, or write regularly every day no matter what.

The problem is that it's too easy to let other things get in the way of our writing.

Other people think that becasue I don't go out to work every day means I'm not busy. But that is far from the truth.

I'm either writing or getting on with other things I have to do. Even if I'm sat watching a movie and doing some sewing, I'm busy. (Why don't people get that?)

But it seems that people think that if I'm sitting down I'm not busy.

Sometimes I might even be sitting out in the garden having a cup of tea and thinking about my next writing project. I may not look busy but if they could look inside my brain they'd be amazed by all the activity in there.

So if you're not earning enough money from your writing, look at it this way...

It's possible to write a book in a week. My own 7 Day Ebook Writing and Publishing System proves this (

So if you followed a system such as this you could write and publish an ebook every week.

This means you could write and publish 50 ebooks a year, if you're really disciplined.

My friend and co-author Yuwanda Black did it.

And how much would that improve your writing income?

Now you may not want to write 50 ebooks a year. But it does demonstrate how more writing means more writing income.

It simply comes down to a mathematical equation. Writing = Money.

Well, all right, it's not as simple as that (except that it is).

But if you want to increase your writing income, you first need to increase your writing output.

So stop reading this and get to work.