Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Writing For The Trade Press; An Overlooked Writing Market

“Stack Of Newspapers With Mouse” by hywards
Freelance writing is not only a great way to earn money as a writer, but it can also be a way to supplement your publishing income while you write your books.

But there is one freelance writing market that is overlooked by many writers, which means that there can be a better chance for you to get your articles published.

And that market is writing for the trade press.

Simply put, the trade press is magazines and newspapers aimed at a certain industry.

And, surprisingly, you'll find that most industries have their own publications.

So if you've ever had a job (and who hasn't), then you'll have worked in one particular industry or another. And chances are really high that there are publications aimed at others who work in the same industry.

But what do they publish?

Well, it all depends on the publication. But generally, they're looking for work-related stories or news about changes in the industry.

And even if you haven't' worked in a particular industry yourself, you might know someone who did, or still does, with an interesting story to tell and you could ask them if you can write about them.

You could even interview an older person about how different the job was in their day.

Once you start looking there should be ample ideas of what you can pitch to one of these magazines or newspapers (or even their websites).

And there's a place online that you can find a huge worldwide list of trade press publications.

Want to know where that list is?

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

How to Make Money Writing Articles

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If you can write an article in 15 minutes or less, then you can earn a really good income from your writing.


To begin with, just look at some of the ways you can make money from articles:

  • Blog posts
  • PLR
  • Emails
  • Auto-responders
  • Marketing
  • Expand into ebook chapters
  • Ghost Writing

From this list alone you can see that article writing is the life-blood of any online business with most of them how having a blog that they use to keep their customers up-to-date with all their latest news and products. They also have a list of subscribers who they regularly send emails to.

If you have an information website, you need to write content/articles all the time as well as use articles for marketing to bring more visitors to your site.

But just exactly how do you use articles to make money online?

Ghost writing is usually the first way people think about making money from writing articles. Writing them for other people. But as I’ve just shown you, there are various other ways to use articles too.

But is it really possible to write an article in 15 minutes, including research, proofing and editing?

To write articles quickly, it doesn’t take much talent but it does take the ability to put the right strategy in place and use it to write articles fast. It’s like setting up an assembly line of researching, writing and proofing.

Of course, I’m not talking about writing huge, long, descriptive articles, but about short informative articles of around 350 to 400 words.

These articles are meant to be general guides and not in-depth discussions. And the quickest way to make money out of these types of articles is to write them for other people.

Busy clients are happy to pay for quick articles.

If you use articles for marketing, they’re great for driving traffic back to your site or promoting your latest book. But if you want instant cash, then ghost writing is the way to do it.

You could advertise your article writing services on websites like fiverr.com and charge $5 per article. This way, working 5 hours a day, means you can write 100 articles a week (5 days a week) which will bring in a pretty good income, but you could probably charge more.

Another alternative is to write articles to market your own products or affiliate products. Done correctly, this can bring in a really steady income.

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Writing Articles Quickly

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The Following is an excerpt from my ebook "How to Write an Article in 15 Minutes or Less: Including research, proof reading and editing." - -

15 minutes is a generous amount of time to research and write an article. With practice, you should be able to do it in 10 minutes, so instead of writing 4 articles an hour, you can write 6. That’s a 50% increase in production.

When you’re earning money per article, time is money, so the faster you can write, the better.
Your own articles, with good keywords and useful information, could earn you $20 to $100 in consistent sales, depending on what you’re selling and how hungry your market is.

You can use article writing to build an online business and start earning money straight away.
You could, if you wanted to, spend half a day ghost writing for clients - for instant money, and the rest of the day writing for yourself.

Or you could spend half a day writing ebooks and the other half writing articles to promote them.
But you need to start writing so that you can quickly get into the habit of writing fast.

So don’t just passively read this ebook. Take action. Start writing articles straight away and by this time next week, you’ll have written your first 100 articles.

Or even if you achieve only half that amount, it’s 50 more articles than you wrote this week.

And 50 articles in one week is a lot. You could upload the best ones to your website and use the rest for online marketing. 50 articles means you’ll have enough content for your website straight away.

Some people set up a blog or website and then sit there scratching their head because they don’t know what to do next.

So they upload one or two pages of content, have no idea how to move forward from there and get bored and say that making money online is impossible.

How different would it be if they had up to 100 pages of content already written in just one week because they’d used the 15 minute article writing system that you’re about to learn?

If you can write up to 100 articles a week, you’ve got the ability to set up as many niche websites that you want or ghost write articles for money consistently.

You can also set up an email campaign to sell more products or produce short ebooks to sell or to use for marketing.

And it all starts with being able to write articles quickly.

I hope this chapter has given you some idea of how many articles you can write and different ways you can use them to earn money.

But you must start writing articles. Today! And every day after today.

Build up your article writing habit now.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Make More Money With Visual Writing

“Surprised Girl Looking In Laptop” by David Castillo Dominici
Visual writing is something that is used mostly in fiction writing.

But it can just as easily be used for non-fiction writing including blog posts, emails, articles and sales pages.

But what is visual writing?

Simply put, visual writing means telling a story so vividly that the reader feels like they're right there in the middle of the action.

And it doesn't matter if the action is physical or emotional, the reader needs to feel that they're part of it.

So it's easy to see how this can carry over into articles or sales pages, by using visual writing to draw the reader into what you're selling by making them feel all the benefits of owning your product or book.

There are two different types of customers online: those with a problem and those with a passion (crafts, sports, pets, etc).

So when you're writing to try and sell something, use story-telling to draw them in.

Talk about their problem and how bad it is. Then tell them about your product/book/course and how much they'll benefit by using it.

Or if you're writing to indulge their passion, write to get them really excited and eager to buy what you're selling.

Use Who, What, How, Why and Then What, in your writing and use the "then what" as a call to action to make them take the next step and make purchase.

Evoking emotion will always help you to increase your sales.

Sales people do it all the time.

So talk about their problems or desires and then weave a visual story that draws them in.

If it helps, pretend that you're talking face to face.

What would you tell them about the benefits of owning your book or product?

Then write it down.

You are a writer, so get creative.