Friday, 22 March 2019

Why I'm a Writing Genius

As I've been telling you recently, I had a bad year for three deaths in the family and my writing not only took a back seat, but most of the time it got thrown out of the car.

But not only have I brought my writing game back to life, I've improved it and found an extra benefit too, because not only am I writing more, but I'm more productive in everything I do the rest of the day as well.

And it makes me feel like a genius now that I can write so much.

But I do get a lot of help from my little friend known as brain salon.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

How Could This Possibly Make Me Write More?

For a while I got really slack with my writing because too many other things were getting in the way.

This went on for over a year.

I was trying to figure out how I could get back up to my usual productive self, when I remembered that I used to always listen to my Brain Salon audios while I wrote but I hadn’t used them throughout my slack year, which was surprising considering how much I used to use them before.

So I started plugging those audios into my ears once more and almost immediately I got back into my usual productive writing.

I never would have thought that they could make such a difference if I hadn’t have tried it for myself. But they do.

And in case you’re skeptical, I ain’t lying. Writing and earning money is far too important to joke around with.

Try the free 15 minute demo for yourself and let it give you your own razor sharp focus.

Change How You Feel In Just 30 Minutes or Less. 
Focus, Sleep and Relaxation.
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Monday, 18 March 2019

Your Chance to Prove Me Wrong

I want to tell you something that may sound a bit crazy and woo-woo so it’s your chance to try it or prove me wrong.

You see, for several years. Now I’ve been using Brain Salon audios that I listen to while I write and they help me with focus and creativity.

But for a while now (about a year or more) I stopped using them until I realised that I was writing much less and my income had decreased.

So I recently started using them again, and BOOYAH! They actually worked.

But if this sounds like a lot of airy-fairy nonsense to you, then try it for yourself and see what Brain Salon can do for you.

You can download a free 15-minute demo and use it while you write, read, brainstorm, study or anything else you want to do - even gardening.

Just download it now for free and see for yourself what a difference it makes.

I also wrote about this more at my website.

How I 'Heard' About Writing More

Friday, 15 March 2019

Setting Up a Money-Making Blog

If you’ve always wanted to earn money from a blog, or you already have one but it’s not doing so well, here is a list of steps you need to take to get your blog up and running and earning money:

Niche. You need to pick one that is popular, because if it’s not, no one will want to visit.

Posts. Write a minimum of 5 posts or articles that contain useful and useable information.

Subscribers. Set ups signup box for subscribers.

Money. Next you need to decide how to earn money.

Ads. PPC ads are the quickest to set up but not highly profitable.

Affiliate Marketing. This is a fast way to earn money because the products are already created.

Marketing. Social media and article marketing are fast and free ways to market your blog.

SEO. Learn online marketing and SEO to get traffic to your blog.

And there’s one other way to get a money-making blog set up quickly.

Use a company that not only get you up and running fast, but also makes it drop-dead-easy to use so that all you have to do is carry on writing.

You need a blog that has SEO built in and has themes built in too so you just choose how you want your blog to look, add your content and hit ‘publish.’

And this is what you get with WP Engine. You can set up your new blog in minutes and it’s so easy to do that even a complete beginner won’t have any trouble. Plus you get 24/7 telephone support if you have any questions.

And it gets even better than that.

If you use the link below you’ll also get 20% off and 4 months free.

So it costs nothing to try it out.

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