Friday, 20 September 2019

Essentialism and Writing

Many people think that essentialism means doing more.

But it actually means doing less so that you have more time to spend on the essentials in your life.

It means doing less of the unimportant things, or things that no longer serve you, like overeating, watching too much TV, and less of other things that you don’t want in your life including friends and family always wanting favours or wanting your attention.

If you want to write, just write. Tell them you’re busy.

Essentialism isn’t about doing less, but doing less of the unimportant things in your life.

And only you know what’s important to you. Don’t let anyone take that away.

Want to write more?

Do it.

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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Why Your Writing Blog or Website Is Not Your Writing Business

It’s easy to be deceived into thinking that if you write for your own blog or website, that it’s your online writing business, as in “I own my own blog/website.” (And for the sake of ease, I’ll refer to both as a blog)

But it doesn't matter how many blog posts you write or how many articles you upload your blog is not your writing business. It’s a distribution channel.

And what does it distribute?

Your books or your writing service, because these are the products you sell.

Your blog is there to guide prospects to the products you sell.

So to earn more money, what you need is more products to sell.

I’ve always found a financial correlation between how many products I sell and how much money I make, and  I use my online sites to advertise my latest books or other products.

So even if you call yourself a blogger, your blog is still your distribution channel where you market the products you sell.

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Monday, 16 September 2019

Don't Buy a Writing Product. Invest In It.

Last week I received a copy of Writing Magazine in the Mail.

I used to subscribe to this magazine years ago but then stopped. But recently I decided to subscribe again and I found it when I checked my mailbox a few days ago, and it also included a copy of the 2020 writing competitions guide, which contains over 670 writing competitions from now until the end of next year.

So the day it arrived I sat and read it from cover to cover, which, as it happened, took all day.

But while going through it I was highlighting things that I wanted to go back to use, including 9 free-to-enter writing competitions for this month, 2 article ideas I can write about, 6 freelance writing markets I want to submit to, plus I learned a lot from the writing articles in it too.

So I didn't just buy the magazine, I invested in it because the magazine cost me roughly $10, but with the things I'm going to submit to, it means I could earn several hundred dollars (or more).

And I'd already decided to invest in the magazine and not just buy it before I subscribed. This is something that I do with every writing product I buy whether it's software, books, magazines or websites that I subscribe to. Once I receive my products, I make sure that they earn me far more than I paid for them. Even if I try something and find out that it's not really what I want to do, I at least make sure that I try it once and earn money from it.

Some of the other writing products that I've invested in over the years include

Quick Cash Writing,

Write Any Book in 28 Days or Less

10 Day Ebook Writing System.

So if you're thinking of purchasing a new writing product, or you already have one that you haven't used yet, get it and make it work for you. Do the work.

Don't just passively read it once and say it didn't work. Do the work.

If it's just a simple information book/product, don't just read it once, read it at least 10 times and make notes so that you're not just reading it, you're absorbing all the information in it so that you can use it later.

Turn all the writing books and products that you've ever bought, and those that you will buy in the future into an investment instead of just an ordinary purchase.

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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Should You Or Could You Be a Writer?

We’ve all heard of the expression “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.” It’s what we say to people who have lame excuses for not doing something.

And this is also appropriate for you if you’re not writing.

Shoulda - This is when you’ve wasted time when you shoulda been writing. It can be when you let yourself get distracted by other things instead of getting your writing done. Or when you wasted time by prioritising other things/people.

Coulda - You coulda got your writing done but you didn’t think you were good enough or motivated enough or dedicated enough. Sound familiar?

Woulda - Well, you woulda done your writing if only other things hadn’t happened or something else hadn’t come up, or if you had the time, or if you weren’t so busy…

All these things are weak excuses. They’re not reasons why you aren’t writing every day, they’re just a bunch of Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.

What it all comes down to is whether or not you really want to be a writer.

And if you do, then the time to start writing is now.

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