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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Want To Work From Home?

When I first quit work to write full-time, I had a lot of people say to me that they couldn't work from home and would go crazy if they couldn't go to work every day and be around others. They thought that being home alone every day would be too much for them.

Fast forward to this Coronavirus situation and now everyone wishes they worked from home because many of them can't go to work or have to stay home and self-isolate.

It's this that I find the easiest to cope with. As a writer, I find it easy to stay home. Sometimes I don't talk to other people for days. When I'm working in a window of inspiration, which can last for days at a time, I barely even talk to my husband. I have a separate office at home and I can sit in here for hours and lose track of time. Sometimes I only know it's night time when I look up and see that it's dark outside.

And to be honest, even when I'm not writing, I'm quite the shut-in anyway. I don't socialise much, I avoid get-togethers, I cringe when I'm invited to a 'party', I stay away from large gatherings as much as I can and I discourage people from visiting me at home or phoning me unless it's important.

So this situation of being advised to stay at home as much as possible poses little to no change in my day-to-day way of life.

In fact, if I did have to do self-imposed isolation, I'd happily use the time to write more and earn more and I doubt that anything would feel different.

So while more and more people are currently wishing they worked from home, I'm already doing it.

Join me by downloading any of my free ebooks, and learn more about how to write more and earn more and enjoy working from home.

Sign up by email and receive the free ebook Writing For Cash and start writing today.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

More Writers Are Writing More

For over a week I've been away in the North Queensland which is the state where I live. My home is in the Southeast so it's sub-tropical here, but in the North it's tropical and humid. I spent days just sweating.

Just before I went away I set up a new subscription service for my website,, and offered emails about how to write more and earn more plus a free ebook for new subscribers to show them even more ways to earn money from writing.

When I returned home 2 days ago, I was pleased to see that I'd had many new subscribers so I know that I'm helping them all to write more and earn more, which is what being a writer is all about.

And during this time, the Coronavirus panic began with people stockpiling toilet paper (of all things) and many people worrying about becoming ill and having to stay at home and not be able to go to work.

But it's not such a tragedy for writers when we have to stay home. Working from home is what we do all the time and it can be quite isolating, so being alone is normal for us.

Happily, it gives us more time to write which means we can earn more money as well as gaining satisfaction and getting more reading done too. I was happy to find that my new Writing Magazine had been delivered while I was away because I have plenty of time to read it while I self-isolate. I'm not ill, I just want to stay home and do more writing.

So if you find that you can't go to work or that you want to use your locked-in time to work from home as a writer or you want to write more than you ever have done before, now is the perfect time to do it.

I say that when life gives you lemons, stay home and get more writing done.

Click the link below and sign up for my emails and I'll send you the free ebook, Writing For Cash, so that you can stop worrying and start writing.

I also have a new free ebook that I'll be adding to my website soon, but my subscribers will be the first to know so that they can get their own copy long before everyone else, so it's another good reason to sign up now, by clicking the link in the sidebar.

Monday, 9 March 2020

This Free eBook Will Help You Write More And Earn More

It's been a crappy week (or closer to fortnight really) for me regarding my online business.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when my computer kept shutting down for what seemed like no apparent reason and would then refuse to start again, and sometimes when it did, it would soon crash again.

I was just staring at the black screen of death for hours trying everything I could to get my computer to restart.

I used my other computer, my Mac Book Air, to Google the problem and find different ways to deal with it, but alas, it was no good.

So with a heavy heart I took it to the local Apple store and left it there for what I thought would be only a day or two. But that turned into over a week because they had to order a part which, they told me, was delayed in arriving because of the Corona Virus outbreak. Thankfully, so far, that is the only way this virus has touched my life.

But I had no way to publish anything apart from a couple of posts on this blog that I did via my other computer. I couldn't check my emails or anything else. But at least I could still write. Thankfully, my new novel I'm writing, I've been typing up (I handwrite my books) on my other computer which I still had. So I got plenty of writing done, but not much else.

Now my computer is back and I've been busy writing again. And I've got so much more planned

So if you want to take your writing to the next level, sign up now using the email link in the sidebar and get the free ebook, Writing For Cash.

It doesn't matter what kind of writing you want to do whether it's writing books, ebooks, articles, magazine articles, novels, short stories, blog posts, and more. I reckon I've got you covered.

And when you visit my writing website, you'll also notice the new and improved design.

You see, I really have been busy because I'm serious about helping you to write more and earn more.

It's free to sign up and learn how to write more, so you've got nothing to lose and so much writing to do.

And it all starts right now.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

66 Horror Scripts to Download and Inspire

Have you ever wanted to be a horror writer? I once wrote a horror novel and it was fun, yet strangely scary to sit and make up weird things in my head.

And it's great when you have an idea for a horror story.

But what if you don't?

Well, you can get inspiration from reading other horror books, or even better, reading movie scripts from some of the best horror movies.

And right now, there's an amazing opportunity for you to download 66 of the best horror screenplays of all time. These are complete PDF scripts. And they're free.

They include the scripts for Jaws, Silence of the Lambs, IT, The Cabin in the Woods, The Shining, Seven, Alien, Carrie... and more.

So no matter what kind of horror writing you're interested in, this is a great opportunity to download and dissect some of the best horror writing ever.

Click on the link below and then click on the cover image of each movie to download the complete script.

66 Terrifying Screenplays That Will Keep You up at Night

Persuasion Secrets of the World's Most Charismatic & Influential Villains
A short but extremely insightful little book that helps you to do more and to care less.
This little book can be read in less than an hour, but you’ll want to read it again and again.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Free Text Editor

For a few years now I’ve been using a free text editor called Grammarly, which I like very much. But now I also use another one that is useful in different ways.

Grammarly is great because it picks up on misused words and misspelled words and bad punctuation.

But now I’ve also started to use another free text editor that is just as useful as Grammarly but in different ways.

This text editor is called Hemingway, and the way it works is you copy and paste your writing into it, and it highlights what it thinks is passive voice as well as unnecessary adverbs and clunky, hard-to-read sentences. It can also word count and well as counting letters, characters, sentences, and paragraphs.

It’s brilliant at picking out passive voice which is always better to change to active voice, as in changing “he started running” to “he ran.” 

The ability for it to pick up on hard-to-read sentences is also extremely useful.

But the only downside to it is that it not only tells you to get rid of unnecessary adverbs, but all adverbs. Yep, it seems that the Hemingway text editor doesn’t like adverbs at all. 

For example, if you write, “blared loudly” it will tell you to remove the adverb “loudly.”

But if you write, “said jokingly” it will tell you to get rid of “jokingly” which is something you’d probably want to keep. Ironically, when I ran this article through Hemingway, it highlighted the words jokingly and loudly and said to omit them.

I could also say that another downside is that it may think some of your sentences have too many complex phrases or long sentences, but that all depends on what grade of readability your audience has. If you’re writing to someone who has a good understanding of the complex issue you're discussing, then there is nothing wrong with using long sentences, etc.

But you can use your judgment of your own work. Either way, the Hemingway text editor is great for picking up on errors you might not see in your own writing and it costs nothing to use.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Free Writing Articles for Republishing

Image courtesy of
If you have a website about writing and you're looking for more content (aren't we all?), do you know that I now have 100 articles for free reprint at

I have been amassing articles there for several years now and I'm about to publish more there as well.

So if you want some free content for your writing website, go and take a look at my articles available at

All you have to do is include the full article including the link back to my website at the bottom.

Some of the articles I have published there are:

5 Essential Things Your Sales Letter Needs to Help You Sell Your eBook

How To Make a Small Fortune Writing Short eBooks

How to Publish an eBook in Minutes

How to Write an Article in 15 Minutes or Less - Including Research and Proofreading

See all my free writing articles at

Just be aware that in the Terms & Conditions it states that there is a limit to how many articles you can download and use for free. So please check this information if you want to republish more than one article. :)

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Free Audio Download - The Power of Concentration

The Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont

Today I uploaded a link to a new audio download.

I already offer the free PDF ebook of The Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont.

And now I'm offering the free audio version too.

You can find the free ebook at

And you can now find the audio version of The Power of Concentration at

Both can be downloaded straight to your computer, phone or other device.

The Power of Concentration is remarkable book that not only tells you about how being able to have razor-sharp focus (concentration) can change your life for the better, but also it gives you practical exercises so you can increase your own power of concentration.

If you haven't looked at this book yet, you should.

It won't cost you anything and it could help you to write more and earn more money.

Happy reading and listening.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Two Free Ebooks for Writers From Brian Tracy

I've just downloaded two free ebooks from writer and entrepreneur Brian Tracy, and I thought you might enjoy them too.

They are the following:


In this FREE E-book, you’ll learn:

  • Determine The Subject of Your Book and Clarify Your Message
  • Gather and Organize Information and Ideas Efficiently
  • Outline Your Entire Book Chapter By Chapter

"There are more than 2,000,000 books published each year and yours can be one of them. By taking this first step you are already setting yourself up for success." ~ Brian Tracy


  • 7 Tips to Quickly and Easily Organise Your Book
  • The Secret Exercise That Dramatically Improves Your Writing Speed
  • A Simple Plan For Getting Your Book Into Publishers' Hands Immediately

"I write 4 or 5 books each year and am published by seven different publishers in the U.S., as well as dozens of publishers in more than 38 languages and 60 countries. It is a simple formula, but it works, over and over." ~ Brian Tracy

Download them both and enjoy a bit of bedtime reading.  :)

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Complete Online Course is Now Free to Download

The Complete Online Course - Learn HTML Code - Free to download
The Complete Online Course is a huge ebook that teaches you how to write HTML code.

It’s a course I wrote years ago after having learned how to do it myself.

The course I learned from cost me several hundred dollars and I sold The Complete Online Course for less than $50 so it was a real bargain, especially considering that it also teaches how to make money online.

But now time has passed and things have changed so I’ve now made The Complete Online Course a free download so that it can help anyone who needs it.

And although some of the information in it is out of date now, most of it is still relevant and if you use it, it will guide you from idea, to writing your own HTML code, creating web pages and putting your own website online.

It’s great for anyone who doesn’t understand HTML code or how webpage design works.
It’s a huge PDF ebook and you can download it for free, with no opt-in required at

And once you’ve downloaded it you can do whatever you want with it because I’m relinquishing my copyright of it too, so it’s yours to do whatever you want with it.


Friday, 16 January 2015

Did You Know All This Was Free?

Toady I was searching through my files and I came across a free ebook for writers that I'd forgotten about.

The ebook is called "Kindling: Ignite Your Kindle Publishing Dreams."

You can download it by clicking on the image on the right.

And then I checked out my "free" page on my website and saw how much was there.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

I've Brought the Dead Back to Life - And It's Free!

Last year I began a free series of emails and free ebooks about how to write articles and ebooks quickly and how it could help you to earn more money.

I created them because I put links in them to a couple of writing products that I was selling as an affiliate.

I actually owned the products myself and really liked them so I agreed to help market them.

Everything was going fine until I hit a huge snag...

Friday, 7 November 2014

2 Special Offers and 2 Free Offers That You Won't Believe

image courtesy of Stuart Mills
Today I have 2 special offers for writers to tell you about plus 2 free offers.

The special offers are really great.

The free offers are fantastic. In fact one is so amazing you won't believe it.

It's a copywriting course by one of the world's best copywriters.

This course usually sells for over $700. But you can download it absolutely free.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

2 Freebies and 2 Writing Markets

Today I have 2 writing markets for you plus 2 free offers.

So lets's dive straight in.

Flash Fiction Contest

The WCCL Network have decided to hold another Prize Flash Fiction Contest on the forum

To enter, submit a story of EXACTLY 100 words, including three specified words (jade, conduit, effervescent). A maximum of two stories may be submitted per author.

But you have to be quick. The closing date for entry is Friday 10 October at 10 am EDT / 3 pm BST.

The contest is free to enter, and the first-prize winner will receive a copy of the CD-based course Write Any Book in Under 28 Days.

The second prize will be a copy of the downloadable course Blogging for Writers

The third prize will be a copy of Essential English for Authors.

All shortlisted authors will receive a $10 discount voucher as well, that can used against the price of any WCCL course or product.

For the full rules, including how to enter, please visit this forum topic.

Note: This contest is for members of MyWritersCircle only, but it is very easy, and free, to join (if you haven't already).

Friday, 1 August 2014

A Blatant Sales Pitch and a Freebie

HypnosisLive Free Downloads and Discount Offer
Today I have an unashamed blatant sales pitch to put to you.

There are two sales that I wanted to tell you about and both could be of great benefit to you as a writer. There is also a free offer of an MP3 Download and free ebook.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

15 Best Places To Find Free High Res Images

image courtesy of stuart miles
If you've got a blog or a website, you'll know how important it can be to find a good image for your post.

But even though you want to find free images you still want them to be high resolution so that they look good.

Well I found website that lists 15 places where you can find free high res images for your blog or website.

You can find free images by doing a Google search but Google doesn't always provide you with the best sites because they prefer to send you to websites that contain premium stock photography, at a premium price, so many of the free image sites probably won't show up in a search.

But the following website has a list of 15 websites that offer free images.

The list also includes a bit of information about each website telling you what you can and cannot do with the images.

My personal place to get my images for this blog is and my favourite image person is Stuart Miles (also on that website). I once subscribed to his RSS feed and found that he publishes about 50 new images a day so I had to unsubscribe to stop them coming so often. But he sure is a hard worker.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Find Free Kindle Ebooks Every Day

image courtesy of stuart miles
If you're looking for free ebooks to download to your Kindle then you won't find better than

This is a free website that is updated every hour with every free ebook offered from Kindle.

You can search the books by genre or subject or by latest added.

These are books that are only offered free for a short time or are always free.

And it's not just the latest ebooks that they list.

They also have all the old classics that are now in the public domain and will remain free forever.

You can also subscribe by email for all the latest updates.

So if you haven't visited before you might find it useful to give them a visit.

Today I downloaded a free ebook about budgeting and another about book marketing.