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Monday, 18 March 2019

Your Chance to Prove Me Wrong

I want to tell you something that may sound a bit crazy and woo-woo so it’s your chance to try it or prove me wrong.

You see, for several years. Now I’ve been using Brain Salon audios that I listen to while I write and they help me with focus and creativity.

But for a while now (about a year or more) I stopped using them until I realised that I was writing much less and my income had decreased.

So I recently started using them again, and BOOYAH! They actually worked.

But if this sounds like a lot of airy-fairy nonsense to you, then try it for yourself and see what Brain Salon can do for you.

You can download a free 15-minute demo and use it while you write, read, brainstorm, study or anything else you want to do - even gardening.

Just download it now for free and see for yourself what a difference it makes.

I also wrote about this more at my website.

How I 'Heard' About Writing More

Friday, 15 March 2019

Setting Up a Money-Making Blog

If you’ve always wanted to earn money from a blog, or you already have one but it’s not doing so well, here is a list of steps you need to take to get your blog up and running and earning money:

Niche. You need to pick one that is popular, because if it’s not, no one will want to visit.

Posts. Write a minimum of 5 posts or articles that contain useful and useable information.

Subscribers. Set ups signup box for subscribers.

Money. Next you need to decide how to earn money.

Ads. PPC ads are the quickest to set up but not highly profitable.

Affiliate Marketing. This is a fast way to earn money because the products are already created.

Marketing. Social media and article marketing are fast and free ways to market your blog.

SEO. Learn online marketing and SEO to get traffic to your blog.

And there’s one other way to get a money-making blog set up quickly.

Use a company that not only get you up and running fast, but also makes it drop-dead-easy to use so that all you have to do is carry on writing.

You need a blog that has SEO built in and has themes built in too so you just choose how you want your blog to look, add your content and hit ‘publish.’

And this is what you get with WP Engine. You can set up your new blog in minutes and it’s so easy to do that even a complete beginner won’t have any trouble. Plus you get 24/7 telephone support if you have any questions.

And it gets even better than that.

If you use the link below you’ll also get 20% off and 4 months free.

So it costs nothing to try it out.

WP Engine 20% offer and 4 months free.

Sign up for a WP Engine plan and receive the Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress Themes free!

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Five Reasons For Using SEO

If you want to make money blogging, then you need to get plenty of traffic to your site.

We all know this. But sometimes it’s hard to decide how to do it.

A quick Google search will tell you that many online writers use SEO to get more visitors.

But do you really need to use it?

Here are five reason why you should:
  1. A large percentage of blog traffic is organic which means people are finding it through search engines.
  2. SEO is a long-term strategy because it helps to keep your site in search engine results.
  3. You need high-ranking in results because if you’re not on page one, you’re losing visitors and money because not many people search other pages.
  4. Increased traffic means higher engagement and conversions if your site has what they’re looking for.
  5. It impacts their buying decisions once they discover your products and find that they’re better.
But SEO isn’t always easy or fast.

Some Word Press blogging options come with built-in SEO so that you can carry on doing what you do best and let your quality software take care of SEO for you.

Monday, 11 March 2019

WP Engine Making Work Press Blogs Easy

To some people, using Word Press is easy.

But to others, including me, Word Press is confusing and limited. And instead of being drag-and-drop easy, it requires a certain amount of technical knowledge to use it.

I have several websites and I use my own software on my computer to update them.

But I’ve recently discovered WP Engine which makes using Word Press drag-and-drop easy and even provides online Security Certificates (I currently pay $149 a year - per site just for SSL security alone), SEO hosting and fast setup using themes you can choose from so all you have to do is click and start adding your own content.

This reduces hours of blog setting up to just minutes.

And everything you need is included.

Use the link below to read more and receive a 20% discount PLUS 4 months free blogging.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Why Speed Means Everything Online

People who go online are impatient. So when they click a link on your blog, they expect an immediate response.

This is why your site needs to be fast-loading (1-3 seconds) or visitors leave.

How fast your site responds, depends on how it’s set up.

But people won’t wait for a slow-loading site which is why there is a need for speed.

If you want to test your site to see how fast it loads, there is a free speed test at WP Engine. And not only will it test the speed, but it will also tell you how you can improve it.

And did I tell you it’s free?

Take your site for a speed test now by clicking on the link below.

Test your website with the WP Engine WordPress Speed Test.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

The Effortless Way to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

We all know that it’s easy to set up and start a blog. It’s also easy to earn money from it through things like advertisements, selling affiliate products or selling your own products.

But if that’s what you’re already doing, then you’ll also know that it’s not enough. I mean, yes, you can earn money this way, but if you want an income from your blog then you need more visitors.

You need to get as much traffic to your blog as you can because more traffic means more money.

But you don’t want your need for more traffic to detract from your writing time.

So this is why you need to use all-in-one blogging software.

One of the newest and best is Word Press Engine that not only comes with dozens of amazing Studio Press Themes that only take one click to install, but it also comes with SEO ready-installed and online SSL security all included.

So all you have to do is click to install everything you need so that you can get back to writing while WP Engine does all the other work for you, including getting more traffic to your blog.

And if you click the link below, you can get started straight away AND receive 20% off PLUS 4 months free.

But only through my special link below.

Sign up for a WP Engine plan and receive the Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress Themes free!

Friday, 1 March 2019

My Reading Habits as a Writer

This post was originally written on 24th February 2019

We went to a shop yesterday. It was a bookshop. Every book in there cost $7 each. We only went in because we were looking around the new shopping centre which is close to where we are staying for the weekend.

I didn't expect to buy anything until I came across a book that I'd once borrowed from the library and loved it.

It’s “The Miracle Morning-The Six Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8 Am”. So I picked it up.

Then I saw another (huge) book that I'd always wanted to read called “Change Your Brain Change Your Life” by Dr Daniel G Amon. I already own a book of his called" How To Get Out Of Your Own Way” which I really like, and in it, he references his other book often.

I was hoping to get the trifecta and find a third book that I really wanted to buy, but I didn't.

But when we got back to the hotel and I put my two new books next one I'd brought with me that I'm currently reading which is "Psycho Cybernetics-Tap Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind," I realised but I have quite a theme with my current reading habits.

Then I thought that's probably all tied into writing and marketing as well because the previous book I read was" The 80/20 Rule Of Sales And Marketing.”

So I figured that one of the reasons for my choice of books is for my own personal development, and the other reason is to understand motivation and how people think because marketing is all about persuasion. So it's important to know what makes people tick.

And writing and marketing aren’t just what I do, it's who I am.

It's so much more than just having a job.

Adjust your own reading habits if it helps with your own writing and marketing.

And if you’re not reading a lot, you need to start.

And if you need help, grab a copy of The Miracle Morning because one of the six habits listed in the book is reading, and how to incorporate it into every day of your life.

Monday, 20 August 2018

How to find FREE Images, Sound, Music, and Videos – that you can use LEGALLY Use

When you are blogging, you absolutely need free images – that you can use legally. When you are podcasting, you need a sound effect or a piece of music once in a while. And even when you are creating videos, you might from time to time need a snippet of video that you can’t shoot yourself.

In short, when you are creating anything for the online world, you absolutely need third-party content to make your own content awesome.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you are entering a legal minefield. And if you aren’t careful, you may receive a friendly letter from a lawyer with a DMCA takedown notice. Or worse.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

A Few Useful and Inspiring Writing Resources

Today I wanted to quickly share with you a few writing resources that can help make your writing easier, help you to earn money, or can inspire you to do more and achieve more.

I hope they help.

Convert PDF to Word (Free!)
A really useful PDF to Word online converter that's drag & drop easy and converts PDF files perfectly by keeping the styling. Can save hours of re-typing long documents.

Write, Market, Repeat: An Indie Success Story
Author Susan Wittig Albert has some straightforward advice for aspiring writers: “Write. Write a book. Write another, and another after that. Writing is a craft. It has to be learned. It can only be learned with practice.”

Four Things Procrastinators Need to Learn
To be a chronic procrastinator is to be fooled repeatedly by the same illusions about how your mind works and how things actually get done.

7 Strategy Tweaks To Triple Your eBook Sales in the Next 30 Days
What separates the most successful eBook sellers from the rest is their sales strategy. If you already have a quality eBook, you just need a few other pieces in place to create a massively successful eBook sales strategy.

How To Use Ink: Your Mac’s Built-In Handwriting Recognition Feature
Chances are pretty good that up until now, you had no idea that there is a built-in application on Macs that is capable of pretty decent handwriting recognition. The application, called Inkwell, is built into the Mac operating system and is shown only if you have a graphics tablet plugged into your computer.

Awakened Millionaire Academy
15 Modules Of Intimate Video Training With Dr Joe Vitale - Master the Awakened Millionaire Formula - When you combine money and spirituality... you make MORE money and experience MORE spiritual growth at the same time.

2019 Writers' Books Now Available
Writer's Market, Poet's Market, Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, Children's Writers, Guide to Literary Agents, and more.
Free shipping in the US during August.

Monday, 11 June 2018

The Surprising Survey Result About Writers

Recently I took part in a survey for writers and the result was really surprising.

The survey was about what holds people back from writing and earning more.

The answers were there to choose from, and all we had to do was put them in order of what we had the most trouble with, down to what we had the least trouble with.

And I was stunned because I thought that what gave people the most trouble was marketing or not getting enough people to their websites/blogs or even wanting to write better books.

But the number one problem that most writers were having was the same as me.

And that is struggling with mindset and self-discipline.

This really did come as a real surprise because I thought that others who write for a living must have an abundance of ideas and the ability to sit and write every day.

But it seems that they don't.

Luckily, I've been reading a book lately deals with this exact topic.

I borrowed this book from the library because I'd heard great things about it and even read some interesting reviews.

The book is called Deep Work and it's written by Cal Newport and in it he talks about deep work being not just the ability to sit and work deeply without distraction, but working on things that are important to you, and doing less shallow work.

He says deep work is hard and shallow work (checking emails, looking at Facebook, surfing the web, texting,) is easy which is why we distract ourselves with shallow work.

And he gives some brilliant advice and insights into how to do more deep work and how it can not only improve your productivity and the quality of your work, but it can also have a positive impact on the rest of your life.

I don't want to go into too much detail here, but I do want to tell you that this is an excellent book if you want to write more, write better and enjoy it.

If you get a chance to read a copy of this amazing book, I recommend you go for it.

It's full of insights and looks at working in a way that I've never thought of before including how to structure your work so that you know exactly when you are done for the day so that your brain can downshift and recharge properly, instead of always having that nagging feeling that you haven't finished what you started, or haven't done enough work.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Conquer Time Management In One Easy Lesson

If you're like me, then poor time management is something that you have to deal with every day.

Every morning I get up with the best intentions of getting lots of things done and achieving my goals, yet it often all quickly vapourises and I'm left with a day where I wonder where all my time went.

But it's not all bad news.

Over the years I've studied a lot of material and books about better time management and how to schedule my day around my most important tasks, and, more importantly; how not to let other unimportant things (or things that can wait) get in my way.

And now I've discovered a video course that can help you change your habits so that you can stop wasting time and instead, accomplish what is truly important to you (like writing the next bestseller).

The best part is that you can do this in just one day, and not only that, but there is no cost.

Just sign up, log in, and get started.

It's 5 and a half hours of instruction and guidance to help you clear your mind, change your habits and start achieving your goals.

You could complete the course this weekend and start next week as the week you begin to accomplish your goals so that you can live the writers' life you've always dreamed about.

And do you know what's the best thing that I find about being able to work when I need to and have the focus to see projects through to the end?


There really is no better way to end the day.

Read more about this course by clicking the link below.

FRAMEWORK Time Management
Time Management isn't just a Skill. It's a FRAMEWORK of knowledge, habits, and tools. Learn today.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Sci-fi, Fantasy Ebook Bundle

If you want to write sci-fi novels, you'll love this ebook bundle from award-winning sci-fi writer Orson Scott Card, at 85% off. But it's only for a limited time so be quick.

You will love this bundle if:
  • You’re interested in current fantasy/sci-fi writing trends
  • You're new to writing fiction or need help developing your characters
  • You want to hone your fiction writing skills
  • You want to find ways build, populate and dramatize fantastic new worlds
  • You’re needing to learn how to wield story elements that “define” the science fiction and fantasy genres

Your bundle includes:

The Writer's Digest Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Ebook
Retail Price: 19.99
Let this book be your guide as you venture into the fantastic and you'll create vibrant, captivating new worlds that spring off the page. Learn everything you need to build a fantastic world, inhabit it with original and believable characters, and create an authentic and enthralling story.

Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction Ebook
Retail Price: 19.99
In this book you will learn how to create out-of-this-world novels and short stories explained by the experts and best-selling authors. Discover how to shape your components into realistic storylines within the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

Elements of Fiction Writing: Characters and Viewpoint Ebook
Retail Price: 14.99
Learn how to create your cast of characters and develop a clear idea of the type of characters and narrative voice your story will embody! Raise your story's stakes, explore personality and viewpoint types, craft tension/struggle, and more!

Get this complete bundle right now for only $12.99 (that's 85% off).

Orson Scott Card is the bestselling author best known for the classic Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow and other novels in the Ender universe. Most recently, he was awarded the 2008 Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in Young Adult literature, from the American Library Association.

Card has written sixty-one books, assorted plays, comics, and essays and newspaper columns. His work has won multiple awards, including back-to-back wins of the Hugo and the Nebula Awards-the only author to have done so in consecutive years. His titles have also landed on 'best of' lists and been adopted by cities, universities and libraries for reading programs.

Enjoy 85% Off the Orson Scott Card Ebook Bundle at WritersDigestShop! Expires 05/30/2018.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Oh Yes It Can Be Done

“Business Man Go To Top Of Graph” by 2nix
I was watching an episode of one of my favourite TV shows, Criminal Minds, the other day (while I was ironing - boo!) and in it two of the team were in a strip club trying to figure out how the criminals had kidnapped one of the dancers.

So what they did was sit where the criminals had, to see what they could see, who could see them, and the view they had of the entrances and exits.

But they had to actually visit the club to be able to do it. There was no other way. They had to take the same steps the criminals had.

It think it's a bit like when people say, 'don't judge what I do until you've walked a mile in my shoes', meaning you cannot understand what they were going through until you've lived through it too and seen and experienced what they have.

But as a side note, I don't have to walk a mile in the shoes of someone as bad as a peddle-file (or kiddy-diddler as they sometimes call them on the cop shows) to judge them. I just know they're the worst kind of people.

But anyway, the Criminal Minds' profilers visiting the same place the criminals had been, in order to understand how they did what they did, and it made me think about writing courses and how-to ebooks on writing.

Sometimes I see them advertising that they can show you how to write a book in a week, or a month or how to use different types of marketing to make more book sales, and I think, "Would that actually work?"

But I never know unless I try it out for myself, which I often do.

And it's the same with my own ebooks about how to write and publish an ebook in 7 days, or write a short report in 2 hours, or overcome writer's block in minutes.

Many people think it can't be done.

They resist trying it for a long time until they finally give it a go. And once they start practising, they soon discover that yes indeed, it can be done.

So if you've seen a writing or marketing course that promises to teach you something that up until now you couldn't do, but you know it would benefit you greatly if you could, give it a go.

My only caveat here is not to believe everything, especially products that tell you it's possible to go to bed tonight and wake up a millionaire by following their simple online system, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Because if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

On the other hand, writing an ebook in a week or curing writer's block quickly or setting up your own online business, is extremely do-able.

You just have to put on those proverbial shoes and start walking.

And as the saying goes, every journey starts with the first step.

7 Day Ebook Writing And Publishing System

Goodbye Writer's Block: How To Be A Creative Genius And Have An Abundance Of Ideas Plus The Inspiration And Motivation To Write

Living The Laptop Lifestyle: How To Start & Grow A Profitable Online Business So You Can Quit Your Job

Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Different Ways Grammarly Is Helping Me.

A few weeks ago I downloaded the free grammar software, Grammarly.

Once I installed it on my computer, it started working on most of my online writing like in Facebook, blog comment boxes, and online forms.

At first I was disappointed that it doesn’t work with Pages for Mac because this is the word processor I use.

But it wasn’t too much of a problem because all I have to do is copy and paste what I write into Grammarly, fix the mistakes it finds, and then copy and paste the corrected work back into Pages.

In fact, I’m kind of glad it doesn’t work in Pages because it would be too much of a distraction and would slow me down if it kept popping up and showing me errors while I was working.

I’ve found that it really does find errors in my writing that I wouldn’t have noticed myself.

But the best thing I like about using Grammarly is that it emails me a weekly report of how many words I’ve written and how many errors it’s corrected. And then it compares my progress against the other Grammarly users and against my own past weeks of writing.

I find it fascinating to see my weekly word count and my accuracy (or lack of).

It also tells me how many unique words I’ve used which is something else I find interesting to know.

So if you haven’t tried Grammarly yet, maybe you might find it useful too.

I was skeptical at first as to how accurate it is, but so far I’m pretty impressed.

And the weekly writing reports are definitely an added bonus.

Hopefully, you’ll find it useful too.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Free Grammar Checker Browser Extension

No doubt you've heard of the free grammar checker called Grammarly.

But do you know it's free to use


It comes with a free browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox?

Grammarly is now being used by Millions of writers worldwide and it's also licensed by more than 600 leading universities and corporations.

And professionals use Grammarly to provide  help and instant feedback on the accuracy, impact, and credibility of their English writing in a variety of fields, such as law, healthcare, marketing, engineering, and journalism.

Not to mention writers like you and me who benefit through Grammarly's ability to instantly fix over 400 types of errors, most of which Microsoft Word can't find.

Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

The software can correct over 400 types of grammatical mistakes while also catching contextual spelling errors and poor vocabulary usage.

And you can use it to find the perfect word every time with context-optimised synonym suggestions, unlike cheap article "spinners" that have no idea of the context in which you're trying to use your words. See my bad experience of this when someone "spun" my articles at The Malicious Reaction of a Resentful Copyright Infringer.

Grammarly’s algorithms flag potential issues in your text and suggest context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

And it even explains the reasoning behind each correction, so you can make an informed decision about how and whether to correct an issue.

You can download the free browser app by going to the Grammarly website and clicking the link.

Or scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the link for "native apps" which will take you to the download page for the free Grammarly text editor that you can use for every document you write.

You can drag and drop a document into the Grammarly text window or copy and paste it there. Or alternately, you can type straight into the text window and let Grammarly find problems as you type. When you've finished you can export your finished document to anywhere on your computer.

It really is that simple to use.

And did I tell you it's free?

And the browser app works with almost anything you're writing whether you’re using Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and almost everywhere else you write on the web.

It's spotted so many errors in my writing already that I daren't NOT use it any more (how grammatically incorrect was that sentence?).

I definitely don't want to use it in public either because everyone will see how many errors I make in my writing.

And I'm supposed to be a professional.   :(

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Set Up an Impressive Author Website

Studio Press, Author Pro Word Press Theme
You may already have a website or blog or you may not.

Most writers have.

But are you happy with yours?

Do you wish it was impressive, easy to use and simple to update?

The most popular sites are Word Press sites, and I don't know about you, but I find them a bit difficult to set up and navigate. That's why most of my websites are basic HTML.

But this week I received an email from Studio Press who have a special offer for anyone who has a Word Press website, or wants to have one, but doesn't want all the hassle of setting it up and getting it running.

Studio Press use their own mighty Genesis framework to host and run Word Press sites which makes all their sites easy to use and extremely secure.

To get started all you need to do is register a domain name (which you can do with many different companies including one I use, Hostgator) and then buy a plan with Studio Press for as little as $24 a month.

You can have a personal blog, a simple affiliate website or choose to have a membership site where you can sell all your books too.

Their plans come with 21 themes you can choose from, including their impressive Author Pro theme (see image above), plenty of extra plugins you can use on your site that can all be installed with one click. You even get SEO functionality to help choose all the right keywords for your content.

Best of all they do all the work for you. You choose a plan (only 2 to choose from), give them  your domain name and they do the rest and get your site set up and running for you.

Or if you already have a Word Press site, they will migrate it for you over to Studio Press. AND...until the 14th July (just a few days away) they will migrate your site for free, which is usually a $99 service.

Just sign up for an account, choose your plan and they will send you a migration coupon that you can use whenever you're ready to move your site over to them. So you don't need to rush to do it straight away.

Naturally, I'm an affiliate of Studio Press and I do earn a small commission when I recommend customers to them.

But I do recommend them because they provide such a reliable service and do all the work for you of getting your site set up and running so that you can just keep on writing.

And there is no lock-in contract. You can pay for your site monthly or annually (which gets you a discount) and if you're not happy, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So if you've been thinking about having your own blog or website for a while, but don't know how to set it up or think Word Press is too complicated to use, or you want to much more (with less work) with your current Word Press site, take a quick look at Studio Press and see how easy their system is to use.

They really do take all the hard work out of setting up a website by doing all the work for you.

And until 5pm on the 14th July, they'll migrate your already existing Word Press site for free. So all you need to do is sign up and Studio Press will do the rest.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

3 Writing Resources Including Free Writing Prompts

This is just a quick note to let you know that I've uncovered 3 extremely useful writing resources including several free downloads with free writing prompts.

Take a couple of minutes (or more) to look them over, download them all, and start writing, publishing and getting paid.

The Self-Publishing Academy
Everything Required For The Complete Beginner To Begin Self-Publishing.
Simple, Jargon-Free Language And Step-By-Step Video Tutorials.
Everything You Need To Start Self-Publishing & Making Sales.

Free Downloads for Writers
This list of free writing downloads includes writing prompts to help kickstart your creative ideas and help beat writer's block.

Writer's Yearbook 2017
It's not to late to make this year your highest earning and most productive writing year ever, and this publication can help you because it includes 101 Best Websites for Writers and The Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers.

If you're serious about wanting to quit your day job and write full-time, these 3 resources can get your started and keep you going.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Latest Writing Resources

Today I have a great list of resources designed to get you into a frenzy of writing, submitting and pitching.

Try one or two or try them all. If you want to become a successful and wealthy writer extraordinaire, these resources will help you get there.

Creating High Concept Screenplay Ideas
High concept screenplays are what sell in Hollywood. This new course at Screenwriters U will give writers tools for generating and refining high concept ideas, from paying attention to, and seeking out, those initial sparks of inspiration which might launch a screenplay to finding ways not just of sustaining the story but building its potential, forward momentum, and meaning.
Creating High Concept Screenplay Ideas at Screenwriters University

My Instant Swipe File
"Write HOT Sales Letters That Sell Like CRAZY - In No Time Flat!"
My Brand-New Copywriting "SECRET WEAPON" is Your Short-Cut for Writing Powerful, Money-Getting Sales Letters That Make Customers BUY!
From: Jeff Gardner
Multi-Million-Dollar Copywriter
President, Gardner Marketing Group Inc.
My Instant Swipe File

Prepping Your Screenplay to Win Competitions Workshop
Competitions can be expensive and time-consuming to enter, but can open doors if approached in the right way. Rather than leaving it to chance, make sure you have a contest strategy and that your script is in the best shape it can be. This workshop is a one week intensive. There are three video lectures for you to view over the week, and one writing assignment at the end of the course for your instructor to critique.
Prepping Your Screenplay to Win Competitions Workshop

The Hurricane Method
The Hurricane Method is a super high quality program that teaches people how to write a great fiction novel in as little as 14 days.
The Hurricane Novel Writing Method

Writing for Reality TV OnDemand Workshop
In Writing for Reality TV, learn the ins and outs of what goes into the production and writing of a reality television show. This course, composed by one of the industry's busiest and most recognizable reality television writer/producers, Troy DeVolld, offers you he tools necessary to succeed as a writer of reality television. You'll learn about reality subgenres and hybrid shows, the effect of reality television on the way traditionally scripted shows are written, and the basics of the production hierarchy which, in the largely non-union wild west of reality production, can vary wildly from traditionally scripted shows.
Writing for Reality TV OnDemand Workshop

How To Make Money Writing Easy, 350-500 Word Web Articles
If You Can Type, You Can Start Making Money Writing Simple 350-500 Word Web Articles. You Don't Need Experience. In Fact, Most Who Start Don't Have Any. I'll Tell You Everything You Need To Get Started Immediately. I Do It Every Day & So Can You!
How to Make Money Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles

Developing Your Reality TV Idea Workshop
In this workshop, learn what it takes to develop a killer reality television show and take the first steps in beginning your career in reality television production. Tailored for beginners and mid-career writers interested in exploring the opportunities reality television offers in today's media marketplace, this course was composed by one of the industry's busiest and most recognizable reality television writer/producers, Troy DeVolld, author of Reality TV: An Insider's Guide to TV's Hottest Market and senior story producer of Dancing with the Stars.
Developing Your Reality TV Idea Workshop

The Children’s Writer’s Super System
Teaches How To Discover, Write, Pitch And Sell Your Children's Book! Original Workbook And 7+ Hour Audio Set From A Successful Author Of 40+ Books For Children.
Learn How to Write a Children’s Book

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Latest Writing Resources

Today I have a list of resources to help you write more and earn more, including a writing competition with huge cash prizes.

Take a look at what is currently on offer and see what inspires you.

An Introduction to Screenwriting - free online course
Screenplays form the starting point for most dramatic films, the essential work from which all other filmmaking flows. All of the tender romance, terrifying action and memorable lines begin at the screenwriter’s desk. This free online course will introduce you to the basic elements and key concepts behind a professional screenplay.
Starts: 8 May 2017. Duration 2 weeks. Time: 3 hours per week.

The Writer Creative Writing Competition
The advice is always to write about what you know, right? So what could be better than to craft a story around a writer? The theme is open to interpretation. Make it amusing, serious, contemplative or mysterious. We don’t mind. Just bring your main character to life.  You don’t have to use the photo depicted here if you prefer to craft a character of your own making. Just make sure that your character is larger than life and your story is unique and an enjoyable read. You have 1200 words or less including the title – which should be The Writer.
Closing date: April 10th 2017. Entry fee: £3.50. Open to writers worldwide.

Kindle Scout
Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. Selected books will be published by Kindle Press and receive 5-year renewable terms, a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, easy rights reversions and featured Amazon marketing.

Breaking into Copywriting
Whether you're an aspiring screenwriter, novelist or playwright, or even just an avid reader, with Screenwriters University new course, you can turn your love for words into a lucrative career as a professional copywriter. With the explosion of the Internet, the need for creative copywriters who can craft compelling advertising has skyrocketed. And because most companies across all sectors need marketing content, copywriting is a virtually recession-proof career choice.
Breaking into Copywriting with Screenwriters University

Creating Subtext in Your Dialogue
In this new week-long intensive at Screenwriters University, first watch and discuss (via discussion boards) a two-part video lecture and a third bonus lecture exploring what subtext is, why it's imperative to avoid "on-the-nose" dialogue, and the 12 dialogue techniques successfully utilized in popular films. Then, apply those techniques to creating a scene in which two characters express their love for each other without ever saying the words "I Love You."
Creating Subtext in Your Dialogue at Screenwriters University

How to Pitch a Script
With How to Pitch a Script, Hollywood Insider Kathie Fong Yoneda is your go-to expert for teaching you how to pitch a script. She will share the best and most effective ways to prepare, pitch, and present a script! After you've taken this course you will be prepared and have the confidence to meet and greet the people who assist in your big break or take your career to the next level.
Pitch & Presentation: How to Pitch a Script

Seven Weeks to Your TV Spec Script Workshop
In this new workshop beginning on March 23, writers will learn all the key elements to a successful "episodic spec," and will receive ongoing instructor guidance in building their own, from basic idea through finished outline. It begins with knowing how to choose the right kind of show to spec, then understanding which elements to study, in order to really grasp how a typical episode functions well enough to write one. Students will then learn the elements of great story ideas for a spec, and be given a chance to pitch and re-pitch multiple ideas for their episode, before finally settling on one to write.
Seven Weeks to Your TV Spec Script Workshop

Advanced Sitcom Rewriting Course
In Advanced Sitcom Rewriting, an established screenwriter can look over your ENTIRE screenplay and give you tips on how to polish it. Whether you are writing a spec script or an original pilot, this workshop offers you tools to polish up your script for eyes in Hollywood!

This four-week workshop is broken up into two sessions that each focus on individual elements of the rewriting process. Each session, you will submit a section of your screenplay for review. Each session will also have focused lectures that help you on each step of your revision process.
Advanced Sitcom Rewriting Course

Finish Your Book in 2017 Premium Collection
Finding the motivation, time, and energy to finish your book can be difficult for even the most seasoned writer. In this premium collection, you will get step-by-step instructions and practical techniques for developing plots, staying motivated and managing competing priorities during the novel writing process. Experts will give you helpful hints to inspire you to write better than ever before so you can not only finish your novel in 2017, but get the attention of agents and publishers all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Finish Your Book in 2017 Premium Collection at Writer's Digest Shop

How To Develop Psychological Backstories For Your Characters
At the conclusion of this course you will have gone through the process of developing psychological backstories for your protagonist and supporting characters. You will also have created an environment in which your characters come to life as their personalities either mesh with their environment or thrive in spite of it. In this course you will learn from an actual psychologist with production experience.
How To Develop Psychological Backstories For Your Characters at Screenwriters University

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Script Writing and Pitching Movie Ideas

There is no doubt about it. Production companies are screaming out for new movie ideas.

Just a quick Google search will show you how desperate they're becoming.

So if you have a brilliant idea for a movie script, this would be a great time to write it and start pitching it.

And if you're unsure how to do it, there is a plethora of information online all about screenwriting plus screenwriting software that you can try out for free.

But if you don't want to download software, you can also find plenty of free information about how to format a script plus websites where you can download movie scripts for free to see how the professionals do it.

And don't worry if you have a great idea for a movie but you don't want to write the script yourself.

You can pitch your movie idea to Hollywood production companies.

You can also pitch an idea for a TV show or a reality TV show directly to the TV network companies too.

And to make it even easier, I've put all this information together for you free-gratis-and-for-nothing.

You can find all this and more at my newly updated Script Writing and Idea Pitching pages at:

Script Writing

How And Where To Pitch A Movie Idea

How And Where To Pitch An Idea For A TV Show

How And Where To Pitch An Idea For A Reality TV Show're welcome. :)