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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Why I Don’t Enter Writing Competitions

It can be every writer’s dream to win a writing competition and I even know one writer who once won an insignificant competition and then called herself “an award winning writer.” Haha.

Don’t get me wrong, winning a writing competition, or any competition, is a great feeling, and even when I’ve won something really small, I’m still happy to have won.

The problem with most writing competitions though, is that they cost money to enter, and I’ve known writers who spend hundreds every year to enter these comps without winning a thing or even getting on the short list.

And it can be demoralising.

The trouble is, you see, that there are usually thousands of entrants so chances of winning are slim, plus it depends who the judges are and their reading preference.

So this is why I don’t enter writing competitions. 

I’d rather use the money to buy a lottery ticket then at least if I don’t win, it’s just the luck of the draw and not because someone who’s probably never even been a writer or has never achieved anything great from their writing, has judged my work as not good enough in their opinion.

I do, however, love submitting work to paying markets because it’s free, I get paid if accepted, and rejections simply mean it wasn’t right for the market (which I’ve sometimes been told).

AND I’m free to submit my work elsewhere. Which I usually do.

But you do what’s best for you.

Living The Laptop Lifestyle
How To Start & Grow A Profitable Online Business So You Can Quit Your Job

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Recent Writing Machinations And Closing My Publishing Business

Today I've added a new article to my website with the same title as this post.

It's all about how I'm changing how I work and why I've also closed by publishing business.

I think I've streamlined how I operate by closing the business which took up a lot of time and a lot of money to keep it running.

Originally, when I started the publishing company my aim was to publish books written by other authors as well as publishing my own. But what I found was that I didn't want to publish books. I wanted to write them.

It didn't take long for it to occur to me that I'm a writer, not a publisher. I mean, yes it was OK to have a company that I could use to publish the books that I wrote, but I didn't want to sit every day reading other people's books and judge whether or not I thought they were good enough to publish. 

Also, so many people sent me garbage to read. They seemed to think that their writing didn't have to be good to be published. One would-be author, after I sent him a polite rejection email saying that his writing was of a poor standard, actually emailed back and said that his writing didn't have to be good and it was an editor's job to correct and polish his work. 

Wow. Just wow.

Anyway, there's a lot more in my article which explains what I'm up to, the changes I'm making and why PLUS there are even a couple of photos of a possum, and when you read the article you'll see why the possum is also forcing me to make changes to the way I work. And if he wasn't so ridiculously cute, I'd swot his little behind and send him on his merry way, instead of allowing him to interrupt my writing time.

You can click the link below to read the article now.


Tuesday, 29 September 2020

What Authors Can Learn From the Incredible Story Behind the Movie THE ELEPHANT MAN

Today I've uploaded a fascinating article to my writing site, about the history of the remarkably humble story of how the movie script for The Elephant Man made it to the big screen. And it wasn't with a trumpet fanfare or anything like it. It happened quietly and became a hit movie.

And you can read all about it in this remarkable article by book publicist, Scott Lorenz who works with authors of all kinds, from CEOs to self published writers, to get maximum publicity for their work.

This article shows you just how easy it can be to get your story, novel or script onto the big screen.

And if you're interested in getting your idea (not a whole book, but just an idea in your head) for a movie, television show or reality TV show, produced, you can read about how to do it at Pitch a Script For a movie, TV show or reality TV show.

Use the link below to read the article now:

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Why I Stopped Writing - And What I'm Doing About It

If you’ve been following me online (or you’re a subscriber), you’ll no doubt have noticed that I haven’t been writing much lately, and this lack of written words has gone on for several weeks now.

I wrote about it in an article at

But now I’m firmly back in my writing chair and I have already planned out and started to write again.

I had thought that with all this ‘isolation’ stuff going on that it would be a great opportunity to get loads of writing done. That was my original plan.

And yet it soon all went pear-shaped on me. Before I realised it, I was so involved in doing other things (and you won’t believe WHAT things).

I think the problem was that I already spend most of my time at home writing with occasional visits to the pub for a glass of beer at the end of the day, or lunch out at the coast, or something else similar.

Then suddenly it all seemed different because I couldn’t go to the pub and sit and have a drink in the beer garden or go and have lunch at the coast, or have lunch out anywhere for that matter.

They even stopped my beloved rugby league that I love to watch. I’d already been up north in March to go to a live match, but that was the one and only weekend crowds were allowed and after the following weekend, they banned the players from the stadiums too. (sad face)

So that made it really different for me and so I had to find other forms of entertainment, and boy did I ever.

But now I’ve settled back down and I’m writing again.

Not only that, but I have lots of things planned so keep an eye out for it all.

It will be coming to an inbox near you soon.

Sign up for updates and receive a free ebook for writers.

Friday, 27 March 2020

How to Make Your Writing Ludicrously Spectacular

Today I have for you a real information-packed video by writer and marketer, Ann Handley.

It's all about writing, researching and making more money from your writing.

The video is just over an hour long and there is so much great information in it that you'll want to take notes.

I hope it really helps you.

Just click the video below and enjoy.


Friday, 20 March 2020

How I Found Myself Accidentally Prepared For the Coronavirus Panic

I know that this Coronavirus Crisis took everyone by surprise, and it certainly did me. It wasn't the virus itself, but how people reacted by panic buying and hoarding.

I read recently that when a crisis happens like a bush fire or a flood or a blackout, people react by doing what they need to do like buying bottled water, torches and batteries.

But this virus has made people panic-buy anything and everything because they don't know what to do.

There's no perfect way to react to a crisis.

My own situation hasn't been so dire simply because of how I already live my life.

Firstly, I don't need to self-isolate because I do that most of the time anyway. I'm a writer so I spend most of my time at home writing. So being home alone is my natural (and preferred) way to live.

Secondly, I didn't need to panic-buy because I keep a month's worth of groceries and other household items stored all the time. I have enough toilet paper, food, dry goods (beans, lentils, dried fruit, dried vegetables, etc) cleaning materials, bathroom supplies and other things that I normally buy at the grocery store, to last up to a month. Whenever I shop I rotate what's in my store cupboard so that my food supply is always fresh.

So when everyone started to panic-buy, I didn't have to worry because I already have my store of food and household items waiting all the time in case I get ill or injured and can't shop. Most people thought I was a bit eccentric, but who's laughing now?

And lastly, I always keep at least a years' worth of income in a savings account just in case of financial famine, so I know that if the worst happened and I couldn't work (write), I can survive for at least 12 months without income, or more if I'm frugal, which I usually am. And having this financial safety net would be SO helpful to anyone who can't go to work now because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

And these things I talk about in my latest book, Mission Critical For Life. This book (which is proving really popular) is all about finding and having your own mission, something that you can go home to and work on, so that you can close the door and forget the rest of the world for a while. I also go into detail about the importance of being self-sufficient and having AT LEAST a year's worth of income saved.

If you'd already read my book and followed the advice, staying home wouldn't be a problem because you'd have enough money to survive and your mission to work on so that you can close your door for weeks/months and not have to worry.

If you haven't got your own copy of Mission Critical for Life, now would be the perfect time to buy the hardback book or download the ebook instantly.

You owe it to yourself to make sure that no matter what happens, you'll be Mission Critical For Life.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Writing Updates and Other Interesting Things

It's not even the end of January yet and already this year is going great.

As you've probably seen in the news recently, here in Australia we've been having some horrendous bushfires which have been compounded by the fire crews not putting them out fast enough and instead issuing 'watch & wait' notices while the bush and the wild animals burn.

Thankfully, we're now having plenty of rain so most of the fires are out AND our land is green once again and the rivers are full. It's been a drought here for 6 months but it's certainly over now. Only last week I was down at the creek watching a poor little platypus turning over and over in the muddy water, unable to dive because the water had mostly dried up and the creek had become patchy puddles in amongst stretches of dried creek bed. I felt so sorry for the poor little thing (and platypus really are small).

But now it's been raining for days, and the platypus is happily diving deep for food again, and the land is burning no more, not that the fires came close to where I live anyway.

Also, thanks to the rain, the unbearably hot temperatures have dropped somewhat (but it's still hot because it's Summer), so all is well with the outside world again.

And on the writing front, here at chez Ruth Barringham, there are many changes afoot.

Firstly, I'm in the middle of writing my next book which is a novel. And I've been rocking on with it really well so I'm excited about finishing it soon.

I also have my web designer, aka my husband Dean, working away diligently in his study (and not swearing TOO much) redesigning my RuthIsWriting website. He's even changed the colours and the layout and has taken away everything that is not necessary like PPC ads.

And when he's finished, I'm going to begin a new subscriber list. I haven't done that for the past few years, but I have lots of plans for subscribers. It will be free to sign up so watch this space. I'll let you know when it's all online and ready to go.

I've also bought a new domain name. Well, actually, it's an old one that I found out was available again. It's a site called WorkAtHomeAholic. I used to have this domain name years ago and now I have it back and I plan to use it as a website all about different ways to make money working from home.

I'm also still working my way through reading the amazing book by Eugene Schwartz called 'Breakthrough Advertising.' I've been trying to get through it for weeks but it's so good that I don't want to miss anything so I keep going back over and over parts I've already read. This is a book that is now difficult to get hold of, and when you do find it on places like Amazon, the price is ridiculously high.

And speaking of books, my latest one, Mission Critical For Life, is selling really well and it's available in hardback and as an ebook. It's a small book, a quick read, and packed with instantly usable information to help you transform your life. You can read it in one day and start making changes immediately.

I've also been working hard this past week restoring a dining table and four matching chairs. I've been busy sanding, varnishing and painting, and now it's finished and looks amazing. It's a fixer-up job I've been threatening to do for the last three years and I've finally done it, so it's one more thing I can tick off my to-do list.

And that is all for now.

So stay tuned for lots of up-and-coming books, websites, newsletters, and freebies.

There are plenty of things in store as my marvelous little monkey mind continues to work overtime and my fingers (which feel really rough at the moment from handing so much sandpaper) are glued to my keyboard.


Sunday, 29 December 2019

What I Do When The Puppy Won't Let Me Write

This week I'm dog sitting. I'm looking after my daughter's dog for a week.

She's a sweet little thing and is only small. She's a cross between a mini fox terrier and a Chihuahua (I had to Google how to spell that).

So tiny yet such a distraction.

Even now as I try to write this, she is sitting at my feet whining then barking to draw my attention to the ball she's placed next to my foot and is waiting for me to throw it for her. So I find myself intermittently throwing the ball while I try to write.

I soon realised earlier today that it is almost impossible for me to write while she is distracting me in this way (or any other way).

At first I thought I'd give up and not write at all. But I have a lot to do with a new book coming out soon and a new website that I'm working on as well, so in my inimitable wisdom, I decided to do things that don't actually require too much writing, like working on my new website layout and writing up a list of tasks that I need to complete.

This sort of work takes more thinking and planning and I can sit on the floor while I do it so that I can throw the ball at the same time. Also, doing this sort of work is easier than writing because throwing the ball destroys my writing 'flow.' I need to keep 100% focused to write, which usually isn't difficult, but with the ball-obsessed-dog distraction, it's almost impossible to stay focused.

This is what happens when life gets in the way of writing. Which happens more often than I like.

But instead of complaining and wasting time, I just shift to working on something that doesn't need 100% focus.

And I always stop at least once every hour to go into the garden and throw the ball for 10 minutes without being distracted by my work. Because even small, ball-obsessed dogs need my full attention now and again.

And at the end of the day, there is always time for a walk too.

But in the meantime, I don't let anything stop me from working. I just change what I'm working on to suit my environment.

You can see for yourself just how ball-obsessed this little dog is by clicking the link below.

It's only a few seconds of video and it shows two dogs (one large, one small) playing, while our little dog is ignoring them because her attention is only on the two balls out of her reach. And she's doing the best she can to get them.  

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Christmas is a Time for Planning

Today is Christmas Eve, for those who celebrate such things, but I do not.

I haven't done the Christmas thing for over 20 years.

As you can imagine this horrifies many people when I tell them. They over-react like I just killed one of their children.

Yet when I ask them why they celebrate it, they have no idea. Are they religious? No. Do they believe in God and Jesus? No. Do they know why they put up a tree in their house every year? No. Do they enjoy buying lots of gifts? No. Do they enjoy writing and sending lots of cards? Hell no. So why do they do it? Because everyone else does it.

Hmm..... I'd rather not.

This is why it's 24th December and I'm busy writing a blog post and not rushing around buying last-minute gifts or preparing a meal for tomorrow that's so huge, everyone will overeat. To me today is just another day and I have no plans for tomorrow either.

Also, as an aside, we are currently in a huge 6-month drought. The grass is dead and crunchy to walk on. We now shower over a bucket and pour the water we collect in it, onto the garden. We also have a kitchen bucket and wash our dishes by hand so that we can empty the washing up bowl into the bucket and pour that on some of the poor, dehydrating plants in the garden too. Thankfully rain is actually forecast for later today, and the clouds are already building up, and tomorrow (Christmas Day) a deluge is forecast. But that's it. Just two days of rain in 6 months, and back to drought.

Anyway, to me 25th December is just another day. Nothing special. So it's a day I usually make good use of for my writing business.

A few days ago I purchased a 2020 diary (or planner, as it says on the first inside page) so tomorrow I'm going to use it to start planning out my writing for the first few weeks of 2020, plus make bigger plans for the rest of the year, like how many books I plan to write, themes and subjects for my blogs, etc.

Yep, 25th December is a great day to get lots of planning done, not just because it supposed to rain all day, but also, everything is closed (shops, restaurants, pubs, etc), so there really is little else to do anyway. And because it's going to rain, we can't even go to the beach tomorrow like a lot of people do. We had plans to have lunch with a few friends at the local dam and swim in the afternoon, but that plan is now scrapped.

So even if you do celebrate this day, you can also use part of it as a great day for planning all your writing for next year.

Because, as they say, if you fail to plan, you're planning to fail.

Enjoy your time off work and make some great writing plans

Friday, 6 December 2019

New Writing Website

As many of you already know, a few years ago I sold my main writing website domain name to Loren Piel, who, as it turns out was a liar and a completely untrustworthy person even though he claims to be an attorney (who is so successful that he now works taking bookings for an airline company) and he issued me with a false DMCA claim (which is highly illegal) and hounded me for months after I sold him the domain name.

At the time, I could only assume that he was being so petty because I set up a new site and carried on working while he floundered without having a clue of what to do with what he'd bought (for a high price I might add) and ended up shutting the site down.

Anyway, I've now decided to start a new website for writers and it's going to be all about my writing, how I work, what I'm working on and how it can help you to earn money from all your writing too.

I'm also going to change the use of my current writing site, to a site where I write about other things that interest me.

I'll also be keeping my writing blog where I'll post writing opportunities including writing markets and writing competitions.

I'm also planning to write many more books and I'll use my websites to keep you up to date as soon as they're available, plus free ebooks that I plan to write and give away too.

I've been doing so much planning lately and I'm also going to set up a new email list so that you can stay up-to-date with everything I do and get to all the best info before it's posted online, plus amazing offers only available to subscribers.

This is why I recently subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud so that I have all the software available so that I can carry out all my plans.

A couple of years ago I did try and get offline so that I could write more books, but life got in the way (including 3 deaths in the family which was hard to bear at the time) plus I missed doing my online writing.

I don't want to say too much about it now in case big-ears Loren Piel is spying on me, which he always is. That man seems obsessed with stalking me. I don't think he's figured out yet that I know his IP address so I know every time he looks at my websites (the ones that he knows about) and which pages he looks at.

I don't want him to know too much too soon so that he can't send me any more of his petty demands about what he thinks I can and cannot do online, which is something he tried to do for months on end at one time.

And the funny thing is that he is an Elder at his local church and one of the claims that it makes about its congregation is that they are all "committed to loving each other instead of arguing over petty issues."

 Isn't that a hoot?

Loren Piel is one of the pettiest people I've ever known and yet he's an elder in a church that says it's members are NEVER petty. You can see it at their website

And scarily, he is also currently running for local city council elections where he lives. YIKES!

You can read his campaign promises by clicking on the link below. He's the last listed candidate at the bottom of the page. (I keep finding tidbits about him online when I'm searching for other things. His name keeps showing up in results)

The further he stays away from me the better I like it. It just goes to show how good he is at making people think he is an honest guy.

But I know differently:

He was angry and threatening when I began and I just hope he leaves me alone when I get my next writing website online.

If he does start again, I'll post publicly absolutely everything I receive from him (and everything I received previously) so that you can judge for yourself.

 If nothing else it will provide me with plenty of free website content. :)

In the meantime, I'll keep you posted about my new writing site so that you can subscribe straight away and get a free ebook to help you make even more money from your writing.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Cheriton House Publishing Is A Spammer

This morning, I logged into my computer, opened Mac Mail and within seconds, hundreds of failed delivery messages started pouring into my inbox.

It appeared that somehow one of my Cheriton House Publishing email addresses had been hacked and the hacker had set up my account to send out hundreds of spam emails the moment I logged in.

I rang my hosting company, NetRegistry, and I was 24th in the queue. Eventually I got through and the person who answered seemed remarkably unsurprised when I told her what had happened.

She told me to change my email account password, which I did, and I asked her to delete all the hundreds of emails that had been sent out at 8.39 am when I logged on, and she said she would, because although most of them had failed to deliver (I only have a small quota on my account as to how many emails can be sent in a day) they were still set up to be sent later, so I wanted them gone.

I then checked my computer and found nothing suspicious on it, but I still took it to the Apple store to be checked for malware, which is where it still is at the moment. Luckily I still have my writing computer (my Mac Book Air) which I'm using now to write this blog post, and my blog is 100% online so I can access it from any computer.

When I got home from dropping off my computer, my husband Dean and I used his computer to look online at my website files (he has Adobe Dreamweaver on his computer which he uses to update some of my websites for me). And sure enough we found a suspicious folder called .well-known. I've never had a file or folder on any of my websites by that name. In fact I have none that start with a dot. So we deleted that folder and all its contents, whatever that might have been.

Interestingly enough, when I went to the Apple store, the guy there told me that it was unlikely that my computer had been compromised with malware because Mac computers are so safe and it's unusual for anyone to get their computer infected.

He said it was more likely that Netregistry had been compromised which would explain why the person I had spoken to on the phone earlier seemed so unsurprised when I said my account and been hacked and she just walked me through the process of changing my password and updating my email settings. She's probably been going through that same process with the other 23 people ahead of me in the unusually long queue.

I have since looked at NetRegistry's Twitter account and they knew about the email spamming last week and didn't tell me (or anyone else). And it says that because of all the spamming, 12 of their servers, so far, have been blacklisted which means that no one can send or receive email from their website accounts. They also advise customers to subscribe to email updates. HILARIOUS considering customers can't send or receive emails. Some also had commented that their sites are offline too and have been for several days.

This is why Cheriton House Publishing is the last account I have with NetRegistry. This company has been getting worse every year day so I've slowly been moving my websites to different companies. I was going to leave this last one till the end of it's hosting account, which expires in April 2020, but I think I'll move it sooner rather than later.

If you've received a spam email from CHP today, it wasn't me. I've done everything I can to stop these emails from being sent. It's NetRegistry that is failing everyone and letting their servers become so compromised that they've been blacklisted.

Just remember that Cheriton House Publishing is NOT a spammer.

If the site is still up, you can go and look at all the books available to help you write more and earn more.

Plus there are plenty of free ebooks for you to download.

Although... maybe now is not the best time to download anything from a NetRegistry Server.

Only kidding.

My site has a security certificate. :)

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Making Money By Osmosis

I've been earning my living from writing for many years now and what always makes me shake my head in despair is the so-called 'high-earning' writers on the internet (you know the ones who have their picture taken sitting outside their mansion that supposedly was paid for with their writing income) who claim that they work only 5 minutes a day and yet earn millions.

I shake my head because so many people fall for that.

Can you earn money from writing in just 5 minutes? Well, yes you can, but it's only from small writing projects like readers' letters in magazines or 'quick tips' type of submissions.

Anyway, the real money comes from bigger projects like writing books.

There are even people who think that reading a book about how to make money from writing will help them, even if they don't do any writing. They seem to think that they can just hold the book and read it once they'll absorb all the knowledge by osmosis and wake up rich.

The truth about being a writer is that it isn't all glitz and glamour.

Au contraire. It's all about sitting on your own for hours at a time and not just writing but planning what you're going to write and how you're going to make money.

That's what my life is like. I go to my desk every day and work for about 3 to 4 hours, sometimes longer. Some days I even go back into my office in the evening and work till late.

I don't socialize much which is fine with me because I find social situations mentally exhausting anyway. And I'd much rather be writing.

To me, working on my own doesn't bother me at all, in fact, I love working this way.

It can be hard sometimes, and it especially was in the beginning when I lacked the self-discipline to sit down and work every day, and there are still odd days when I don't feel like doing anything. But now I'm extremely organized which makes my work easier and faster. And now I wouldn't want to work any other way.

In fact, I consider myself unemployable because it makes me shudder to imagine having to go back to working for someone else for a living, and also because I can't NOT write every day.

And many of the books I've written are all about how you can use my own methods of working so that you too can be living the writer's life, even if it's not glamorous and social.

I can't promise that if you buy my books and follow my advice that you'll be able to earn a living as a writer because I don't know you and I don't know how much effort (if any) you'll put into your writing dream.

But what I can say is that if you do follow my advice, you'll be far ahead of the rest of the would-be writers who think that osmosis is the best way.

Just click the link below and choose where you want to start.

Monday, 11 November 2019

New Operating System Woes

Recently, my MacBook Pro computer did a huge system update so that I am now running on Catalina instead of Mojave.

The problem with this is that it was such a big upgrade that not only did it take hours to do, but it also stopped me from using much of my software because it won't run on the new system.

Amongst other things, it's stopped me using Word for Mac and also Adobe Dreamweaver, which is killing me because I use Dreamweaver to create and update my websites.

And this software can't be bought anymore and instead I have to buy a monthly license to use it, which is going to run out quite expensive because I not only need the web designing software, but I also want quite a few other Adobe programs so that I can work with documents and be able to create book covers.

I have someone who designs the front covers, but I need to be able to create paperback covers that have a front, back, and spine, which is work that my husband does for me. He takes care of all the technical things like that and deals with the actual book publishing as well.

So I now find myself in the position of having articles waiting to go on my website but not being able to format and upload them.

And to make matters worse, I've also had to change my home internet because I was still running on ADSL instead of the NBN network, and the change has finally been forced because they are shutting down the ADSL soon. So this has been another annoying and time-consuming thing that I've had to deal with.

So far it's been several months of interruptions.

First of all, I came down with the flu three months ago and I coughed so hard I cracked/broke a rib which was extremely painful and I could hardly move for weeks. Then once that was over I got a head cold and now I've also had to change my internet, update my computer and lost use of much of my software in the process.

And now one of my hosting companies, Netregistry, has once again taken an unauthorized payment from my credit card, which is only one of the underhand things they've done to me recently, so now I'm moving my accounts to another company.

I'm so sick of dealing with one setback after another.

Sometimes it all feels like a personal attack.

But I'm getting through it now, thank goodness.

And I can't help but think that it's all happening at once because better things are on the way.

But if you have noticed the lack of updates and new articles on my writing website at, it's all because of my lack of website software and Netregistry causing me more problems. And when I look online at the huge amounts of complaints against this company, it's no surprise that I'm having problems with them too.

However, all is not lost and soon, when I've made up my mind as to which software I'm going to subscribe to, I'll be back at full speed of writing and earning money.

The good news is that I'm currently writing my next book which will help you do more, achieve more and live the life you were meant to, instead of sitting back, letting things happen and wasting your time reacting to it all.

It's aimed at making you more confident, less needy and a thousand times more productive and happy.

Stay tuned...

Grab a Book, Start Writing, And Make More Money Than Ever Before

Friday, 25 October 2019

Have I Ever Read Anything You’ve Written?

People can be really mean, especially those closest to you like friends and family.

I come across a lot of jealousy when I tell people that I’m a writer. They either don’t want to talk about it and quickly change the subject (which is most of the time), or they ask questions like, “What do you write?” To which I usually say, “Oh lots of different things,” and they say, “Like what?"

I usually respond with, “I write words.” I mean, what am I going to say? I earn money from my writing in so many different ways that explaining to them what I do would take time.

Then they ask the really stupid question. “Have I Ever Read Anything You’ve Written?”

Please, people! Come on! How on earth could I know every single thing you’ve ever read in your life?

Often I just tell people to Google me if they want to know more.

I usually stay away from other people as much as I can because they take up too much of my valuable time.

Just as an example of how much I stay away, last week, my husband and I had to walk into town to buy a few things. Instead of walking up and down the main street where we usually run into people we know, we went via a side street, straight into the shop we needed, and came back up an alley and through a field, just to avoid having to speak to anyone.

Does that make me anti-social? Probably.

But if I were a famous writer, I’d avoid people anyway.

And that’s that best way to make it to the top is to act like it’s already happened.

If you want to be a millionaire author, act like you already are one. So instead of wasting time hanging around the proverbial water cooler and gossiping, or wasting time on anti-social media (it’s never social, IMHO), write more books instead. That’s what best-selling authors do.

Remember that people will always treat you the way you allow them to.

So get charisma and poise and don’t let others look down on you.

Stick to your writing mission no matter what.

I did it, even when others thought I was mad and told me I was wasting my time doing writing courses and locking myself indoors writing and submitting articles and short stories to magazines.

But ha-ha to them because it worked. And now they don’t want to discuss it.

I recently read a book that really helped me with all this too and made me realise more than ever that I was right, right, right, to ignore everyone and stick to my mission.

Persuasion Secrets of the World's Most Charismatic & Influential Villains
A short but extremely insightful little book that helps you to do more and to care less.
This little book can be read in less than an hour, but you’ll want to read it again and again.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Be Brief and Move On

The best thing you can do in life is to know exactly what you want and go after it.

A major problem with this is that other people will not want you to do it. They don’t want you to change or to be successful.

People are like crabs in a bucket. As soon as one of them manages to reach the top and try and climb out, the others will pull it back in again. And this is what people do if you try and move away from them (physically or mentally). They’ll try and pull you back down to their level.

It even happens to me all the time. I’ve been a writer now for almost 20 years and it’s how I earn my living. Yet my family won’t even discuss it with me and if I bring it up they’ll change the subject. Not even my own mother knows about my published books and she doesn’t want to.

Being a writer doesn’t give me much to say about what I do every day anyway, because it’s a silent and solitary way to earn a living. I sit alone most of the time.

My kids on the other hand love that I’m a writer and read my books, but no one else in my family does.

So make it your mission to go after what is important in your life. Put it first as much as you can, no matter what anyone else tries to say or how much they try and stop you.

If I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t be the successful writer I am today.

Persuasion Secrets of the World's Most Charismatic & Influential Villains
A short but extremely insightful little book that helps you to do more and to care less.
This little book can be read in less than an hour, but you’ll want to read it again and again.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Getting More Writing Time Than I Wanted...OR...Be Careful What You Wish For

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I'd been not doing much writing lately... well none really, but that I was finally getting back into writing regularly.

And I kept telling myself that I needed to get more time with my backside firmly planted in my writing chair and that until I spent enough time writing, I wasn't going to get much done.

So I kept doing that visualization thing where you picture yourself in your mind doing what you wish you were doing.

And guess what?

It worked. Just not in the way that I wanted it to. Not at all.

You see, last month I was suffering from some kind of flu virus and I ended up with the worst cough I've ever had. It went on for over 2 weeks and I was coughing really hard, day and night. In fact, I was coughing and coughing until I choked.

And it really started to hurt my back and my sides which gave me trouble sleeping too, once my cough subsided so that I could sleep. But eventually the pain went away, except for my left side where it continued to hurt and I started to think I'd pulled a muscle or something.

And then last week we had a spell of really warm weather, so my husband and I decided to open the PVC blinds on our verandah. He clicked the spring on the right that was holding down each blind and I clicked the one of the left and then we lifted them one by one. Until we got to the third one...

I bent down to click in the spring and SNAP! I felt a searing pain in my left side and felt something grinding inside.

It was awful and it rendered me hardly able to move. I spent the rest of the day laid up in bed, taking copious amounts of pain killers. The next day it was no better so I went to the doctor and guess what? I'd cracked a rib.

So now it's been nearly a week and I'm still laid up in bed, but at least the pain isn't as bad as it was. At first it hurt all the time no matter what I did. But now it stops hurting if I sit still. And I've gotten used to the pain killers so they don't knock me out and make me sleep all day anymore, like they did for the first few days that I took them.

So you see what happened? I wished for more time to write and now I've got all day every day. Only it's not what I wanted at all. In fact, I have even more waking hours in every day now because I'm lack of exercise so I'm not tired at night so I'm up late all the time. Well, I say up, but I'm actually in bed the whole time.

So the lesson from this is, be careful what you wish for.

On the upside, it gives me plenty of time to pursue my Laptop Lifestyle.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Why Ruth Is NOT Writing

It seems that it's been well over a month since I last wrote an article or blog post or published anything online. And the irony of this hasn't escaped my notice that my website is called "Ruth Is Writing."

Yet for about 6 weeks now I haven't been writing at all.

I did update and re-publish my latest book, Living the Laptop Lifestyle, but that is about all.

I haven't even done any journalling or writing in my notebooks, which is usually something that I do often.

I could blame my lack of writing on visiting relatives who came to stay or the fact that I've had some kind of flu virus for the past 3 weeks, but that still doesn't explain it, even though both did happen.

And the truth is that I can't explain it at all. I have absolutely no idea why I took an unexpected break from writing.

I feel as though I've been busy and rushed off my feet for the last few weeks, and yet I couldn't even tell you what I've been doing.

I know it has been quite cold here recently (it's still winter in Australia) and I did have family come to stay and I have been quite ill and I have had a short break in the city, and I have done a lot of cooking and canning food and I've caught up with quite a few household chores... but not writing at all is just something that I've never done before.

But now it has to stop. In fact, it has stopped. Last night I was sat making notes in one of my notebooks and came up with lots of ideas for my writing. I also subscribed to Writing Magazine to give me inspiration and to provide writing markets and writing competitions.

I even went to the library and had a read through the Writers and Artists Year Book, but it didn't inspire me. In fact, I was surprised at how fewer markets that book contains now. It used to be full of writing markets accompanied by articles about writing. Now it seems to be a book of articles about writing accompanied by a few writing markets. My how things have changed.

But I do plan on spending more time in the library. It used to be one of my favorite hangouts, but somehow I've gotten in the habit of not going there anymore at all.

So although I don't know why Ruth is not writing anymore, I do know that she has begun again by writing this blog post, making written writing plans, and subscribing to a writing magazine.

And I have to say that it feels good to be back. I also have an epic and inspirational article planned for my writing website so I'll be working on that next. I also have a couple of free writing competitions that I'll be letting you know about real soon too.

There will be much more than that to come too now that my bum is back in my writing chair and my fingers are once again on my keyboard.

In the meantime, find more ways to make money from your own writing AND download free writing ebooks at

Monday, 15 July 2019

Why You’re Not Doing Enough Writing

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my current lack of writing and what to do about it.

I know that the last couple of years have been emotional for me as well as busy. Emotional with family deaths and busy with house renovations and having people come to stay at our place.

But now things have calmed down and I realise that I haven’t been writing much. In fact, throughout the last couple of years I’ve done very little writing, although I was quite busy for a while changing how I publish my books, which are now all available as paperbacks and digital books and available at all book stores and libraries all over the world, and through several different companies including Amazon and Kobo. It was a long haul of designing book covers, new formatting and updating, but it’s been worth it.

You can see more about it at

Anyway, I was thinking about how to change my situation so that I get myself back into the habit of writing every day, because, to be honest, I’ve got so far out of my usual writing routine that it feels like it’s gone for good.

But I realised that it’s not impossible to get back to writing a lot and earning more money, because as well as my lack of writing, it’s also naturally affected my writing income, which is something I REALLY need to do something about because mine is the only income in the family since my husband retired early.

So while I’ve still been calling myself a writer, I haven’t actually been doing that much writing. Which means that being a writer is more like my ideal life, rather than my actual life.

But what it all comes down to is that I need to spend more time with my butt firmly planted in my writing chair because this is what produces more writing and more writing income.

And it’s the same for you too. If you’re not writing enough, it’s because you’re not applying enough backside to your writing chair. Or it could be that being a writer is still only your ideal because you haven’t done anything to turn it into your reality.

Either way, it still comes down to getting more writing done.

And the only way to change that is to sit and write.

So if you want to get more writing done, make writing your priority. Make it your mission in life to be a writer and put your mission first.

And if you don’t know what to write once you sit down, read my article on what to write when you don’t know what to write about.

Or get a journal and when you sit down, pick up your pen and write about whatever is on your mind.

It works for me every time.

Journalling is a great way to start writing fast. And it helps me to come up with so many ideas for my writing.

And to get you started, you can click the link below and buy a wonderful journal AND get 25% discount just by using my special code.

The Panda Planner Classic - Take 25% Off Today Enter Code LS25

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Porno and The "Bitcoin Hacker"

A couple of weeks ago I told you about a few annoying emails I've been receiving, all sent to various email addresses of mine at my different websites, accusing me of watching online porn and saying that if I didn't pay them in Bitcoin, they would send the supposed videos they have of me watching porn to all my family and co-workers.

I thought it rather amusing that they say that they know who my family members are and all my co-workers. That's really funny because like most writers, I work alone. So co-workers???? How stupid.

And as to what I was watching online, well, I don't (or extremely rarely, if ever) watch any online videos at all so chances of having recordings of me watching anything online would be slim to none.

And yesterday, after I finally got my computer back from the repair shop where it's been for almost 2 weeks, I found a dozen more Bitcoin Hacker emails had been sent to me, again, at my different email addresses for my different websites, so it's easy to see these addresses are just being scraped from the internet.

And below is exactly what the email says:


This account was hacked! Modify your pswd right away!
You may not know anything about me and you may be definitely wanting to know why you are receiving this electronic message, is it right?
I am ahacker who exploitedyour emailand OSsome time ago.
Do not try to contact me or alternatively try to find me, in fact it's not possible, considering that I directed you a letter from YOUR hacked account.
I installed malware to the adult vids (porn) website and suppose you enjoyed this website to have some fun (you understand what I really mean).
When you have been keeping an eye on video clips, your browser started out to act as a RDP (Remote Control) with a keylogger that gave me permission to access your desktop and webcam.
Afterward, my softwarestoleall information.
You have put passcodes on the sites you visited, I intercepted all of them.
Needless to say, you can modify them, or possibly already changed them.
However it does not matter, my malware updates needed data every time.
What did I do?
I compiled a backup of every your system. Of all the files and contact lists.
I formed a dual-screen videofile. The first part displays the film that you were watching (you've got a good taste, wow...), and the second part displays the video from your webcam.
What actually should you do?
So, in my view, 1000 USD will be a realistic price for our small riddle. You'll make the deposit by bitcoins (if you don't understand this, try to find “how to buy bitcoin” in any search engine).
My bitcoin wallet address:
(It is cAsE sensitive, so just copy and paste it).
You have 48 hours in order to make the payment. (I have an unique pixel to this email, and at this point I understand that you've read this email).
To tracethe reading of a letterand the activityinside it, I installeda Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. (The stuff thatis appliedfor the authorities may helpus.)

In the event I fail to get bitcoins, I shall undoubtedly direct your recording to all your contacts, such as relatives, co-workers, and so forth?


And what is really, and I mean REALLY funny (apart from the bad spelling and appalling grammar), is that these emails were sent while my computer was in the Apple repair shop, so if they did find someone watching online porn using my computer, it must have been the tech guys. Ha ha.

And did they find any malware on my computer? Of course not. My computer problem was a major hardware malfunction, not a software issue at all.

Sadly, most of my original computer is gone because they had to replace the screen, the top cover, the keyboard, the trackpad, the logistics board and the battery. So all I really have left is my software and files (that they backed up before they replaced everything) and the bottom cover. Thank goodness I took out an extended warranty because my computer is 2 years and one month old and the original warranty was only for 2 years. So it cost me nothing, except a long wait.

But at least I'm back in the driving seat again with my writing business because I have all my files back.

And during my off-line time, I got plenty of writing and planning done.

Oh, and by the way, now that I have my computer back I can get back to what I was working on. I'm currently in the process of changing all my published PDF ebooks to paperbacks and digital books that will only be available from brick and mortar book stores or online book stores.

So if you want to get them while they're still instantly downloadable PDF ebooks, you better be quick because by the end of March (in one month's time) they'll no longer be available in that format.

But you will be able to buy them, or order them, from any book store or library.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

My Computer is Still Being Repaired and Why You Should Care

Last week I posted about my computer suffering the "Black Screen of Death" and that I had to take it in for repair. You can re-read it at

Well, sadly, it's still being repaired. It's been seven days since I took it to the Apple store and it's still there.

I rang them this morning and they said that it needs a few spare parts like a new keyboard, trackpad, screen, etc, you know... just a few bits and pieces.

Which means that this past week I've had no access to any of my computer files, no email, and I don't like to use my writing computer to sign into my online accounts so I haven't logged into any of them. I like to keep my writing computer as empty as possible so that it can never be used to access my accounts.

So instead of working online I've been doing quite a bit of off-line writing (except for a couple of posts to my blog) but haven't been able to check my email or check any of my online accounts or upload anything.

But my computer should be back sometime tomorrow so I'll have a lot to catch up on.

But you're probably wondering why you should care.

And it's because what has happened to my computer is a good reminder to keep regular backups of all your work.

I was lucky because I'd backed up my computer the day before it crashed. I usually back it up weekly, or more often if I'm working on a big project like a book, because I've known writers who have lost nearly full manuscripts because they didn't back up their work often enough.

So if you use your computer a lot, make it a habit to back it up regularly. I usually do mine at the end of every week, or every day.

You see, my whole writing and publishing business runs from one computer so I cannot afford to lose it all, or lose even a small part of it.

And that's why computer backups are so, SO important.

I can't afford to lose all my work.

And either can you.