Friday, 20 March 2020

How I Found Myself Accidentally Prepared For the Coronavirus Panic

I know that this Coronavirus Crisis took everyone by surprise, and it certainly did me. It wasn't the virus itself, but how people reacted by panic buying and hoarding.

I read recently that when a crisis happens like a bush fire or a flood or a blackout, people react by doing what they need to do like buying bottled water, torches and batteries.

But this virus has made people panic-buy anything and everything because they don't know what to do.

There's no perfect way to react to a crisis.

My own situation hasn't been so dire simply because of how I already live my life.

Firstly, I don't need to self-isolate because I do that most of the time anyway. I'm a writer so I spend most of my time at home writing. So being home alone is my natural (and preferred) way to live.

Secondly I didn't need to panic-buy because I keep a month's worth of groceries and other household items stored all the time. I have enough toilet paper, food, dry goods (beans, lentils, dried fruit, dried vegetables, etc) cleaning materials, bathroom supplies and other things that I normally buy at the grocery store, to last up to a month. Whenever I shop I rotate what's in my store cupboard so that my food supply is always fresh.

So when everyone started to panic-buy, I didn't have to worry because I already have my store of food and household items waiting all the time in case I get ill or injured and can't shop. Most people thought I was a bit eccentric, but who's laughing now?

And lastly, I always keep at least a years' worth of income in a savings account just in case of financial famine, so I know that if the worst happened and I couldn't work (write), I can survive for at least 12 months without income, or more if I'm frugal, which I usually am. And having this financial safety net would be SO helpful to anyone who can't go to work now because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

And these things I talk about in my latest book, Mission Critical For Life. This book (which is proving really popular) is all about finding and having your own mission, something that you can go home to and work on, so that you can close the door and forget the rest of the world for a while. I also go into detail about the importance of being self sufficient and having AT LEAST a years worth of income saved.

If you'd already read my book and followed the advice, staying home wouldn't be a problem because you'd have enough money to survive and your mission to work on so that you can close your door for weeks/months and not have to worry.

If you haven't got your own copy of Mission Critical for Life, now would be the perfect time to buy the hardback book or download the ebook instantly.

You owe it to yourself to make sure that no matter what happens, you'll be Mission Critical For Life.

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