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Netregistry Complaint. Worst Customer Service I've Ever Had

Usually, I keep quiet about bad experiences with companies.

But my complaint about Netregistry and been going on for years and it's about time I spoke up.

The reason I'm doing so now is because yesterday, they took my website,, offline and cancelled my hosting account (for no reason and with no warning) and now are making me wait up to 24 hours for it to be reinstated.

At first, they tried to tell me that they would only put my site back up online if I paid for more hosting.  I called that blackmail and refused to give them any more money. Their argument is that my hosting package was due for renewal in a couple of days so I needed to renew it anyway, and if I didn't, I couldn't have my site back up, even though the hosting service is already paid for they wouldn't put it back up without more money.

I stood my ground and insisted that it be reinstalled online and they agreed but are making me wait AND refusing to compensate me for the 2 and a half hours I spent on the phone this morning speaking with 4 different people, or the loss of my hosting service that I'd already paid for, or my loss of online business while my website is offline.

So I decided to talk about it because I have come to the end of my tether with Netregistry and won't be doing any more business with them in the future. And I believe that others should know how useless and deceitful they are too.

Even when I've had issues with them in the past and complained about it, they still do nothing and usually blame me for what happened. Often, they just hang up on me.

As an example of their poor customer service, here is just one conversation I had a few years ago with one of their employees, to show you how much they lie and are unhelpful.

And if you're not from Australia, in this transcript,  the two companies that are mentioned, Telstra and Optus, are two telephone companies.

I'd contacted support on this particular day because my website had been down all day and when I'd called earlier someone said they'd look into it and get back to me. But they didn't. So 6 hours later, with my website still down, I got in touch with them again and this is what happened:

> > > At 6.30 the telephone was answered by someone called Damien. I
>    told
> > >    him that my website had been off line for
>    most
> > >    of the day. He asked for neither my website name nor my own
>    name
> > >    and just simply stated that it wasn't the fault of their company
> > >    and it was Telstra who were blocking my website.
> > >
> > > I said that was absurd and didn't even make sense. Damien said
>    that it
> > >    happens all the time. He said that my site was online but
>    Telstra
> > >    were blocking me from seeing it. I asked how that could happen
>    and
> > >    he said that sometimes Telstra just blocks people from being
>    able
> > >    to view certain sites. He said that if I went round to my next
>    door
> > >    neighbours they could probably see my website and it was just
>    me
> > >    that couldn't.
> > >
> > > So I said "You're telling me that my website is online and anyone
>    in
> > >    the whole world can see it but me?" Damien said "That is
>    correct."
> > >
> > > "So I can look at any website on the whole world wide web except
> > >    mine?"
> > >
> > > "That is correct."
> > >
> > > "I'm not even on the Telstra network so why can't I see my site?"
> > >
> > > "Telstra can block anyone."
> > >
> > > "My daughter just tried to view my website on her phone through
>    the
> > >    Optus network and she can't see it either."
> > >
> > > "That is because Telstra can block Optus too."
> > >
> > > "Well can YOU go online and see if you can see my website?"
> > >
> > > "No."
> > >
> > > "Why  not?"
> > >
> > > "I don't have the internet."
> > >
> > > "You're telling me that you're a web hosting company that doesn't
>    have
> > >    access to the internet?"
> > >
> > > "Yes."
> > >
> > > "I'd like to talk to someone else."
> > >
> > > "No."
> > >
> > > "Please put me through to someone else."
> > >
> > > "I can't."
> > >
> > > "Can't or won't?"
> > >
> > > "Can't."
> > >
> > > "Why not?"
> > >
> > > "There's no one else here."
> > >
> > > "Are you trying to tell me that you are the only employee that is working today?"
> > >
> > > "No. There are others."
> > >
> > > "So you CAN let me talk to someone else."
> > >
> > > "No."
> > >
> > > "You can but you just won't."
> > >
> > > "There's no point."
> > >
> > > "Why?"
> > >
> > > "Because it's Telstra's fault."
> > >
> > > And so our conversation went for a while longer in the same vein
>    until
> > >    I hung up.
> > >

I kid you not. It was really was THAT bad and that is what he actually said to me.

So I complained.

And Netregistry's response was:

I agree with you, the exchange you had with
Damien was condescending on his part. His response to this fact when I
discussed it with him was that he tried to clarify the problem with
Telstra's core network being down, but you accused him of lying to you,
and this is unfortunately the point where many staff start to falter in
their ability to keep a civil conversation. 

I don't want to make excuses for Damien, he certainly didn't "get off
lightly" on this issue, his role is to ensure that if a customer does
accuse him personally of a lie - he provides ample explanation to
clarify the situation. His response to this was that you weren't
interested in hearing explanation and repeated he was lying, and he shut
down merely offering short answers from there, as he felt he couldn't
convert you to actually listening to the core of the issue. So it's a
weakness in his approach and I think it's being addressed following this

They also said that "there was certainly a communication issue."

A communication issue?????

There was no issue on my side. I knew that I was being lied to over and over and over again.

And do you like the response I received, telling me that it was all my fault?

"you accused him of lying to you"

"you weren't interested in hearing an explanation"

"he felt he couldn't convert you to actually listening"

Wow! Just wow!

I have someone telling me that my website is not offline it's just that a telephone company is blocking me from seeing it. What kind of garbage is that?

And the response was that he didn't say Telstra was blocking me AT ALL  (damn, I must be lying again), what he actually said was that Telstra's core network was down.

Hmmm... Nope. He didn't say that Telstra was down, he said Telstra was blocking me, so Telstra was up. And neither of those things, Telstra being up or down, doesn't explain why my website was offline.

So now I'm finally parting ways with Netregistry and I'll be writing a full article in the near future all about other interactions I've had with them over the years so that you can see for yourself how poorly they handled everything. Including a recent debacle that happened when one of my SSL (security) certificates went out of date and they tried to con me into paying for a more expensive one ($100 more expensive) by saying that the cheaper one wouldn't work on their servers. THAT TOO turned out to be a lie, because I stood my ground, bought the cheaper one and guess what? It works perfectly on their servers.

Stay tuned...

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