Friday, 1 August 2014

A Blatant Sales Pitch and a Freebie

HypnosisLive Free Downloads and Discount Offer
Today I have an unashamed blatant sales pitch to put to you.

There are two sales that I wanted to tell you about and both could be of great benefit to you as a writer. There is also a free offer of an MP3 Download and free ebook.

The first one is a new Bargain Shop at my favourite online bookstore The Book Depository.

All their books are discounted and they all have free shipping anywhere in the world and you can shop in your own country's currency. This is a place where I buy books myself.

And now they have introduced a new Bargain Shop on their website where you can browse books that are heavily discounted, many at over 50% off.

Next is a great offer from Inspire3. It's the first birthday of HypnosisLive.

Hypnosis Live is one of the biggest hypnosis superstores online, with over 200 instantly downloadable MP3 hypnosis sessions.

Instantly download Hypnosis & NLP sessions for:

-- MONEY: Adopt a multi-millionaire's mindset
-- MEMORY: Seriously boost your brainpower
-- WEIGHT LOSS: Program yourself to get toned
-- CONFIDENCE: Turbo-charge your self-belief
-- STOP SMOKING: Quit for good, guaranteed
-- PHOBIAS: Instantly dissolve any fear or phobia
-- MANIFESTING: Tap into the Law of Attraction

There are also sessions for Focus, Meditation, Success, Productivity, Motivation, Procrastination, Organisation and Self Disciplin, plus so many more.

Visit the site NOW by clicking on this link:

Enter your name and email in the popup that appears to get a FREE copy of the 'Eliminate Stress' Hypnosis MP3. You'll also receive a FREE copy of the the ebook, 'The 18 Rules of Happiness.'

Additional hypnosis downloads cost just $18.95 each. And the more you buy, the cheaper they get.

PLUS: During this special celebration period, use the discount code 47T9J35E during checkout to claim 10% off your entire order!

Use the link above to get your free downloads or use the link below to go directly to the website and browse all the 200 MP3s available.

To your success.

And P.S. Yes, I do earn a bit of commission for sales from the two above mentioned websites. It's part of how I make a living. :)