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Does Article Marketing Still Work?

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Article marketing used to be a great way to market any website or book.

But then, a few years ago, along came Google Panda and Penguin which wiped the article directories off the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Before the changes it was easy to write an article for directories such as and soon your article would be republished and indexed all over the internet.

After the changes it's hard to find your directory articles in the search results even if you search the exact heading through Google.

So everyone said that article marketing is dead.

But is it?
The changes that Google brought about does mean that article directories do get less traffic which has lead to some interesting changes.

I still use article marketing to promote my websites and ebooks and the following is what I've noticed.

First of all my marketing articles do get less traffic. They are viewed less, get less clicks on the links and get republished less.

At first that looked bad but it's not really and I'll tell you why.

First of all the articles get less traffic. While this might seem bad at first, it also means that only really interested people are finding my articles.

Before the Google changes, all sorts of spam websites were picking up my articles, spinning them into  nonsense and uploading them to their blogs and websites. These people were making money from their Google AdSense ads but Google changed that too so now many of those spam websites have disappeared because their only source of income is gone.

Secondly the articles get less views. This goes hand in hand with getting less traffic. But because only really interested people are viewing articles on the article directories, it's better targeting which means the articles have more impact.

Thirdly the articles get less clicks on the links in the resource box but again, because the audience is more targeted the clicks are more valid clicks and I get more sign ups to my emails and sell more of my ebooks through the article directories than ever before.

Lastly there is the fact that the articles get republished less but I covered this in the first item about less traffic. It's better that my marketing articles are published less because it means all the spammy websites aren't publishing my articles any more which results in more click throughs from those that are republished.

So although the lower traffic and lower clicks, etc, looks bad on the surface, as far a I can tell it's not bad news and has actually made my articles more useful because they're being read by the right people.

This is why I think that article marketing still works because I have the results to prove that it does.

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