Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Writing From Theme and What It Really Means

 Have you ever heard of writing from theme?

Theme is the part of your story (or novel) that has an overall message. 

Some people get confused between topic/subject and theme.

Topic/subject is what your story is about (freedom), your theme is the message you want to deliver to your readers (freedom is an illusion). Or it could be a story about a haunted house (ghosts) and your theme is that ghosts don't exist, and your story is how you prove your theme, without actually stating it.

There are many ways to deliver a theme through your characters, symbolism, environments, character interactions with others, and many more ways besides.

But either way, as we all know, by the end of the story there must be change for your main character, either emotionally, psychologically or physically.

As the writer, your job is to demonstrate your theme to the reader throughout your character's journey through your story.

If you want to understand writing from theme more, and how to use it, I've written an article about it and you can read it at:

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