Monday, 9 March 2020

This Free eBook Will Help You Write More And Earn More

It's been a crappy week (or closer to fortnight really) for me regarding my online business.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when my computer kept shutting down for what seemed like no apparent reason and would then refuse to start again, and sometimes when it did, it would soon crash again.

I was just staring at the black screen of death for hours trying everything I could to get my computer to restart.

I used my other computer, my Mac Book Air, to Google the problem and find different ways to deal with it, but alas, it was no good.

So with heavy heart I took it to the local Apple store and left it there for what I thought would be only a day or too. But that turned into over a week because they had to order a part which, they told me, was delayed in arriving because of the Corona Virus outbreak. Thankfully, so far, that is the only way this virus has touched my life.

But I had no way to publish anything apart from a couple of posts on this blog that I did via my other computer. I couldn't check my emails or anything else. But at least I could still write. Thankfully, my new novel I'm writing, I've been typing up (I handwrite my books) on my other computer which I still had. So I got plenty of writing done, but not much else.

Now my computer is back and I've been busy setting up a new email service using the company Get Response. And yesterday I spent all afternoon and evening setting up the account with signup forms and preparing the free ebook that all new subscribers receive.

The ebook is called Writing For Cash and it's full of so much information on many of the different ways you can start earning money from your writing straight away, including how to earn up to $100 or more for just 5 minutes writing.

Not only that, but once you sign up you'll receive so much information about how to write quickly and how to earn more money from your writing than you've ever done before.

I reckon that this ebook and all the other information you're going to receive will give you all you need to start writing fast and earning money.

So if you want to take your writing to the next level, sign up now using the link below.

It doesn't matter what kind of writing you want to do whether it's writing books, ebooks, articles, magazine articles, novels, short stories, blog posts and more. I reckon I've got you covered.

I retired my email list several years ago to concentrate on my writing and to deal with other issues, but now I've revived it and it's back better than ever.

And when you visit my site, you'll also notice the new and improved design.

You see, I really have been busy because I'm serious about helping you to write more and earn more.

It's free to sign up to get your free ebook and learn how to write more, so you've got nothing to lose and so much writing to do.

And it all starts right now by clicking the link below.

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