Wednesday, 18 March 2020

My Writing Goals and Coronavirus

Everywhere I go these days there is some self-proclaimed Coronavirus "expert" gabbing on and on about what I "should" be doing during these highly infectious times.

But do you know what I AM doing?

I'm getting more writing done. I'm quite the 'shut-in' person anyway so I've topped up my essential groceries and household items to last me at least a month (which isn't much anyway because I'm extremely frugal), and now I'm self-isolating, even though I'm not ill. I just want to write more.

So while others are wasting their time panicking about Coronavirus, talking non-stop about it and freaking out about it (none of which helps anyway), I'm using this time to write.

And the best thing, is that others are so worried about face-to-face contact that they're leaving me alone more than usual, which is something I always encourage anyway.

So now I'm sitting in total peace and doing what I want to do, which is write more and read more.

I already have a stack of books waiting to be read so now I've finally got the time to read them as well as do more writing.

So while you still have your good health, use your time wisely and write more.

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