Thursday, 15 January 2015

I've Brought the Dead Back to Life - And It's Free!

Last year I began a free series of emails and free ebooks about how to write articles and ebooks quickly and how it could help you to earn more money.

I created them because I put links in them to a couple of writing products that I was selling as an affiliate.

I actually owned the products myself and really liked them so I agreed to help market them.

Everything was going fine until I hit a huge snag...

They wouldn't pay me my commissions for the sales I made.

Was I angry?

No. I was Bloody angry.

I'd done all the hard work, earned them a lot of money and they paid me nothing.

Oh, they kept making up excuses about how I hadn't filled out my affiliate details correctly and there was a form I hadn't filled out at all and that the person dealing with my case was out of town and they didn't know when she'd be back (yep, they actually told me that, as though no one else in the company was capable of doing that job).

And when I filled out their stupid form they still kept coming back and nit-picking about my information.

They spent weeks doing everything they could not to pay me.

In the meantime, I disabled the email series and withdrew the free ebooks because there was no way I was going to go on marketing their products.

Not ever again.

I did eventually get my money, but it took some doing and they were being ridiculous with me and making up all sorts of childish excuses for not paying me.

For instance, when I argued that they were making stuff up because there was no formal affiliate agreement except what was on their affiliate page on their website, they replied, (and I quote - or is that copy and paste?) "It is not possible to include all the information about our affiliate program on that particular affiliate link page. "

And when I asked where was the rest of the information the reply was (and I copy & paste again from their email) "You were always free to ask the terms of the affiliate program. You did not do that. We would have sent them right to you if you had asked." 

Note that they still didn't send it to me.

So then I asked to see the full affiliate Ts & Cs, and they emailed them to me. But right at the top of the one page agreement it said "Please read the information below to find most of the information you need to know about our affiliate program." (emphasis mine)

See, they just wouldn't say what their exact terms were and I think it was just so that they could make stuff up to delay paying me.

And if you're interested to know which company it was, it was Rapid Crush, owned and operated by Jason Fladlien.

So for a while I left the emails and free ebooks alone, floating dead on the water.

It was a shame because they were extremely popular and people were subscribing all the time.

Plus the products I was linking to were actually really great products and I still believe in them, just not Jason Fladlien or his company.

Then I had a brilliant idea.

I'd resurrect the emails and free ebooks, update them and change the links to my own new products.


So that's what I've done.

Now once again, I bring you:

The Productive Writer:

How To Increase Your Productivity So You Can Write More In Less Time

And it's all available for free download again.

You can find out more at and sign up straight away.

I hope you find them useful.

And even if you don't download the ebooks from the links, you'll still get a lot of value from the free emails and ebooks.