Friday, 7 November 2014

2 Special Offers and 2 Free Offers That You Won't Believe

image courtesy of Stuart Mills
Today I have 2 special offers for writers to tell you about plus 2 free offers.

The special offers are really great.

The free offers are fantastic. In fact one is so amazing you won't believe it.

It's a copywriting course by one of the world's best copywriters.

This course usually sells for over $700. But you can download it absolutely free.

Firstly I wanted to share two really great offers currently available from Writer's Digest.

Writing the TV Drama Pilot Ultimate Collection

Stop watching and start writing! Dramas have become one of the most popular genres on television today. Learn the art of writing a TV drama pilot that launches your writing career into the fast lane. 

The seven resources in this collection provide insider secrets for completing your drama pilot. With examples from the most popular dramas on television, you’ll be inspired to write strong, engaging characters that viewers either love or love to hate. 

Discover how to embed the essentials into your script, from structure and tone to pace and plot details. In this ultimate collection, you’ll learn the foundational principles used by the top TV writers and how to apply them to your script. 

With these resources up your sleeve, you’ll be ready to write the lines that define your TV writing career. 
Valid until 30 November 2014, or as supplies last!

Save 20% on Tom Kane's Film Production Workshop with Offer Code KANEDVD2014

The 3-Day Film Workshop with Tom Kane is the definitive course for anyone looking to start a career in film or video production, from aspiring producers, directors and writers, to actors, documentarians and industry executives.

Tom has had a long and distinguished career in the film and television industry as a producer, production manager and assistant director, with illustrious credits that include Prizzi’s Honor, Raging Bull, Kramer vs. Kramer and Taxi Driver. 
Now, through to 31 December 2014, you can save 20% on this incredible collection with offer code KANEDVD2014.

And now for the 2 free offers for writers.

Reprogram Your Mind While You Write

This is a new offer from Inspire3 who I also mentioned recently about their Subliminal Guru free download offer.

Their new website is promoting their brand-new Subliminal360 software

Rather than using audio MP3s, this software displays subliminal messages on your computer screen while you're working. 

The messages are flashed up so briefly that you won't see them consciously, but they are designed to have a powerful impact on your subconscious mind.

These messages can "reprogram" your subconscious for Greater Confidence, Weight Loss,  Razor-Sharp Focus, Wealth, Happiness, Creativity and more .

And at the moment Inspire3 are offering free gifts and discounts to help promote their new software.

Visit the Subliminal360 website and get your free gifts, video software tour and discounts now because I don't know how long this free offer will last.

And, as a side note, if you have a website or blog in the self-help industry, or one that's closely related, you might be interested in becoming a Subliminal360 affiliate. Inspire3 are currently offering 60% commission for every sale and affiliates are paid monthly with no minimum required.

And once you sign up as an affiliate of Subliminal360, you'll automatically become an affiliate of the other software products from Inspire3 which makes it really easy to start earning commissions.

Shortcut Copywriting Secrets

This is a huge copywriting course which usually sells for over $700. In fact, it's almost $800.

But today I discovered a website where you can download this huge PDF course for free.

The file is downloaded as a .rar file which is similar to a zip file and makes it really fast to download. 

If you do not have the software on your computer to open a .rar file, you can download free software online. For my Mac computer I used RAR Extractor Free from

This copywriting course is big (169 pages) and one of THE best copywriting courses I've come across and I couldn't believe my luck when I found it online for free. 

But I don't know when they might pull the plug on this one so you'd better be quick.

You can download Shortcut Copywriting Secrets from