Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to Write a Great Online Article

If you want people to read the articles that you publish online, then you need to do 3 things.

You need to hook them in, keep them reading and spur them into action.

But how do you do this?

Well, although there is no exact science, there are certain things you can do.

And here are the 4 main ingredients of a great online article:

1. A Headline That Gets Attention.
Your headline is important. It's no good writing a great article with a mediocre heading. You'll get far more readers with a great heading and a mediocre article. Headings matter. Make sure yours has a great hook.

2. An Intriguing Introduction.
Your article's introduction must provide the answer to why someone should read your article. Take a look at the opening sentence of this article as an example. It gets straight to the 'why?'.

3. Keep Them Reading.
Once someone starts reading, give them a reason to keep going. Write as you speak (WAYS) to keep them interested. Tell a story. Use numbers, bullets and subheadings. All of these can help.

4. Tell Them What to Do.
Conclude your article with a 'call to action.' Tell the reader what they should do next. Preferably, tell them to buy your book and read it for more information.

And that's all you need.
  • A great hook
  • A reason why they should read
  • Stories and lists to keep them interested
  • A call to action
Put them altogether and you'll have a great article.