Thursday, 5 March 2015

Discipline Weighs Only Ounces, While Regret Weighs Tons

Self discipline is the scourge amongst anyone who works from home because it's all too easy to be distracted by other things yo could be doing.

When you think about the times when you worked hard, went the extra mile, worked that extra hour and saw a project through to the end, it makes you feel good.

And when you think of what you gave up - during the internet, watching TV, taking a nap - you realise that the sacrifice was worth it.

And when you lack self-discipline and tasks don't get completed, not only does it kill your results, but it drains your energy and make you feel helpless and hopeless.

Regret weighs tons.

On the other hand, self-disciplin weighs only ounces and not only gives you results, but it gives you greater happiness, fulfilment and self-esteem.

I also feel so much happier and content when I've been working hard and achieving results.

And on lazy days, I feel bad AND achieve nothing.

So I know how I prefer things.

Try lightening your own load with a touch of self-discipline and see how much lighter you feel.

Doing just the smallest amount of something you've been putting off can really change your mood.

And it produces results.

What is one thing you can do right now?

Make a start on it and see how it feels.

A Simple Program that Meditates for You.

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Zen12 takes the hassle out of meditation. Each 12-minute session
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The program uses special ‘brainwave’ sounds to meditate for you. That means you don’t have to actively try to quieten your mind, stop fidgeting, or focus only on the meditation. And you don’t have to reschedule your day. Each session lasts just 12 minutes, and you only need to meditate a few times a week to reap the rewards.

Immediate benefits:

  • Dissolve stress, worry and anxiety
  • Greater relaxation
  • Increased focus levels
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improvement in mood

Longer-term benefits:

  • Increased brain power
  • Dozens of proven health benefits
  • Greater inner peace and serenity
  • Higher stress threshold
  • Emotional mastery

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