Thursday, 7 May 2015

Proof That There is Money to Be Earned From Short Ebooks

Recently I was doing a Google search for writing markets to include in my latest newsletter for writers.

I came a cross jobs for ebooks writers so I clicked through to see what they were.

The jobs were advertised on freelancing job websites.

I didn't use these jobs in my list of markets because they weren't high-paying, but I was amazed by them all the same.

Nearly all were looking for someone to research and write a short ebook of around 5,000 words.

I thought "Only 5,000 words? That is really short! I've read article on people's blogs that are longer than that (take a look at Steve Pavlina's How to Make Money From Your Blog as an example). And it's only about a 25-page ebook, or 30 if you include cover pages, disclaimer pages, etc.

And for this they are willing to pay the writer several hundred dollars. Why so much? Because there seems to be a lot of money in ebook publishing. In my most recent newsletter I linked to an article about this called $2700/Month of Passive Income by Publishing Kindle eBooks, and No Writing.

So it became clear that if people will pay writers hundreds of dollars to write a short ebook, it's because they are making much, much more money from the writers hard work.

Most of theses ads offered plenty more ongoing work for the right person. Some said they would keep the writer busy for a year.

The downside to these jobs is that they wanted the ebooks completed in a week - or less, in just 5 days.

Is it even possible to research and write a short ebook this quickly? You bet it is. And it has all given me much food for thought. (Who is this guy called Thought and why do I keep feeding him?)

And hopefully it will feed your thoughts too.

Because I now have proof that there is a lot of money to be made from writing and publishing short ebooks.

But wouldn't it be better to write them for yourself and keep all the profit?

You can do it with my 7 Day Ebook Writing & Publishing System.