Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Write Faster And Better

If you’re like me you dream of being able to write more every day and have a huge library of published books and a slew of websites with hundreds of pages of useful articles and other information and millions of visitors a month.

Ahh… wouldn’t it be nice?

I’m not there yet but I am getting there.

How about you?

Do you dream of the same writing goals?

If so, what’s holding you back?

It’s probably the same thing that’s held me back too.


That is the ‘secret’.

If you want to write more you need to write faster so that you can tackle more large writing projects such as books.

Writing faster means writing more and it also means writing better.

In other words, practice will help you write faster and improve the way you write at the same time.

If you want to write faster and write and publish more, do what I always do and get a course or an ebook that you can follow that will get you started and keep you writing.

Some courses I’ve used are:

Quick Cash Writing. Great for writing all kinds of smaller projects such as filler articles, short stories and greeting card verse.

Write Any Book in 28 Days or Less. Laid out in an easy to follow style and suitable for writing fiction and non-fiction. Just follow the advice as you go through the course and by the end you’ll have your manuscript written.

12 Month Writing Challenge. A course that gives you monthly assignments that build on top of each other so that by this time next year you’ll not only have earned over $30K from the course, but you’ll have multiple streams of passive income to keep you going.

7 Day Ebook Writing and Publishing System. If you want to write ebook fast, this course will get you there. Short how-to ebooks can help you to earn a steady, passive income. When you download this course, you’ll also receive the bonus ebook 2 Hour Short Report Writing: How to write a short report or ebook in just 2 hours. 


Can you imagine how much writing you’d be able to do and how much money you’d earn if your downloaded and worked on writing courses such as these?

There are many more writing courses available to download online so there really is no excuse for not getting started today, even if you don’t have an idea of what you want to write.

All you need is a goal of what you want to achieve then get to work and do it.

Some people never get started with their writing because they’re afraid they’ll fail. While others are afraid they’ll succeed.

If you don’t make a determined start now, what will you achieve in one week’s time, in a month or in a year?


Ask yourself this:

  • What is your goal with your writing?
  • How are you going to achieve it?
  • Why haven’t you started?

Now would be a great time to begin.