Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Latest Writing News

Here are some of the latest writing news and writing articles from around the globe.

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More Than 500K Readers Take Goodreads Reading Challenge
More than 500,000 readers have signed up for the 2016 Goodreads reading challenge.
The challenge allows readers to set personal reading goals for the year. So far, 28,723,103 books have been pledged and 243,287 have already been completed. The average books pledged is 49 books. Fifty-nine challenges have already been completed.

Hong Kong Booksellers Go Missing
Hong Kong legislator Albert Ho believes that Chinese security officers kidnapped five publishing company/book store employees in an attempt to censor their work.

10 Reasons You Should Write a Children's Book in 2016
A decade ago, I was dating a physician. He was a nice guy, but I knew the relationship was doomed the night he asked: "So, when are you going to write a grown-up book?"
I laughed, unsure how to answer. But as I was driving home, I realised what I should have said: "Do people ask paediatricians that? When are you going to start seeing grown-up patients?"

Help Wanted: Gothamist Is Seeking A Copywriter
Gothamist LLC is looking for a copywriter to write paid and internal editorial efforts across all five of its properties.

A Shade of Vampire Leads Self-Published Bestsellers List
A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest leads the Self-Published Bestsellers List this week.

Science can help you beat writer’s block
Lots of people want to write—but many find the process of actually getting words on the page to be pure torture.

Penguin Random House Sells Vanity Press Author Solutions
Penguin Random House announced on Tuesday that it had sold its vanity press operation to Najafi Companies for an unknown sum.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs: Make Free Money For Life [2016]
One of the highly profitable parts of affiliate marketing is recurring income. I’m sure you are aware of how affiliate marketing works. You get payment when somebody buys a product using your affiliate link & the commission is really high.

NYPL’s Public Domain Digital Collection Now More Accessible
The New York Public Library is making high resolution images from its digital collection available for free download from its site for the first time.

Best-selling books for the week that ended Jan. 3
Here are the best-selling books from Publishers Weekly for the week that ended Jan. 3.

The Screenwriter's Simple Guide to Formatting Television Scripts
What’s the difference between a feature film script and a television script?

Writer's Market 2016 Has Been Published
Breaking into the writing field is difficult when you don't have an established network. The 2016 Writer's Market contains thousands of publishing opportunities for writers of a variety of genres.

NY Times Launches New Sci-Fi Book Column
The New York Times is launching a new bi-weekly column dedicated to book reviews about works of science fiction and fantasy.

Writer's Yearbook 2016 Now Available
Writer's Yearbook 2016: Get an expert’s take on the latest developments in the book and magazine industries - and how these trends bode for your writing in the year ahead by Jane Friedman

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