Saturday, 19 March 2016

Latest Writing News March 2016

AWARDS. R.L. Stine Wins Chicago Tribune YA Prize
R.L. Stine, author of the bestselling Goosebumps series, has won The Chicago Tribune’s 2016 Young Adult Literary Prize.

Father of a Scientology Leader Lands a Memoir Deal
Ron Miscavige has signed a memoir deal with St. Martin’s Press.

Google's got it right: Instead of bribing bloggers, sort out your website
On Friday, Google explicitly stated what it expects from bloggers who receive free products

Books Inc. Named 2016 PW Bookstore of the Year; Solomon Rep
In a California sweep, 165-year-old Books Inc., the oldest bookstore in the West, will receive this year’s PW Bookstore of the Year award, while the Karel/Dutton Group's Lise Solomon has been named PW Sales Rep of the Year. The honors will be handed out at BookExpo America in May.

JK Rowling's 'Harry Potter chair' goes up for auction
Expected to fetch $45,000, the simple wooden chair on which the author wrote the books has traded hands a few times in recent years. Who will buy it now?

President Trump episode 'warning to US', says Simpsons writer
Writer of Bart to the Future episode, aired almost exactly 16 years ago, says idea was consistent with vision of US ‘going insane’

New Collection of Original Writing from J.K. Rowling Goes Live
The first installment in a collection of new original writing from Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling releases.

In the Age of Typewriter Apps, This Historic NYC Typewriter Repair Shop is Running Strong
Like most other New York City businesses that have been handed down through generations, The Gramercy Typewriter Company has been keeping tradition alive year after year despite the continual threats of technology.

FreeWrite Distraction-Free Typewriter Is Now Available For Purchase
The good news is that if you have been waiting since 2014 to get your hands on the device, you won’t have to wait much longer because the company has officially put the typewriter up for sale. It will be sold under a different name as the FreeWrite, but essentially it is more or less what we have seen when it first launched.

BBC UK seeking unsolicited comedy scripts for TV, film, radio, stage or online. Deadline 4th April 2016.
BBC Writersroom's regular window for unsolicited scripts is open between 10am on 14th March and 5pm on 4th April 2016 for Comedy scripts (TV, film, radio, stage or online).

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Apple’s Appeal in E-Book Pricing Case
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday refused to review an appeals court’s determination that Apple had conspired with book publishers to raise the prices of digital books.