Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to Write a Novel: Idea to Manuscript in Five Simple Steps

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If you want to earn money from writing fiction then time really is money because the more you write, the more books you can sell.
I’ve been writing a lot of fiction lately and the biggest projects are the book-length manuscripts.
These can be anything from 20,000 words to 85,000 and more.
And with so much writing to do I find it impossible to start with a blank page.
Years ago I read about Ranger Ingerman’s ‘Snow Flake’ method for writing a novel and it really is an ingenious and easy-to-do idea.
The snowflake method of writing a novel includes knowing your characters extensively before you begin writing your manuscript and also constructing a complete story outline.
So here I’ve broken it down into a simple, but thorough, five step process that really does help you to go from idea to full manuscript:
  1. Write one sentence to describe your story idea. It should be just a few words like a movie description in a TV guide, perhaps something like, “Aliens invade earth.”
  2. Expand your idea into a paragraph which must contain a beginning, an end and at least three plot crisis points in between (5 sentences). The story starts with the main characters moving from having a goal to reaching it and at least three things, or people, that try and stop them. The ending must contain some kind of change in the main character/s life/lives - either physical or emotional.
  3. Expand each sentence into a paragraph so that you end up with a one-page summary.
  4. Expand each paragraph into a one-page description of scenes and things that happen in them. Break each scene into chapters that all have a cliff-hanger ending.
  5. Now use this outline to write your novel.
Once you start writing your idea and expanding it into a full outline, it quickly becomes easier to think of new plot ideas and conflicts to add.
It really does help to get your creative writing juices flowing.

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