Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How to Procrastinate Less & Write More

“Binturong Bearcat Sleeping” by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee
Sometimes, it seems hard to sit down and write.

Procrastination overwhelms you.

But here is a really interesting thing.

There really is no such thing as procrastination.

The problem that I have on days when I just find it hard to sit down and write, is just that.

It’s simply getting started that’s the problem, and not the actual writing itself.

I even sometimes sit down and then can’t think of what to do.

So this is how I get over this problem in just 3 simple steps.

1. Break down the writing project into the steps needed to complete it. This can be as many steps as it takes, which might include, research, outlining and writing. But you can break that down even further and list which websites you’re going to use for your research.

2. Number the steps in the correct order. This is easy but I usually do it in pencil so that I can erase numbers when I change my mind about the order, which I sometimes do several times when I change my mind and then change it back again.

3. Start writing. Once you have a detailed outline it’s easy to start writing because all you have to do is follow the outline and the project will almost feel like it’s writing itself without any hard thinking or procrastinating.

If you’ve never tried working this way before just give it a go to see how quickly it can get your working.

And if there’s anything that you find difficult or time consuming to do, just outsource it. There are plenty of freelance websites like fivrr.com where you can get someone to do anything you need.
I usually outsource my ebook cover creating to Buddy at CoversCorp.

You only have to peruse his portfolio on his site to see how good his work is. He really is remarkable at creating 3D ebook cover images (and flat images) and webpage designs. And he supplies everything including the images and all for a really low price.

So make a plan, outline your project, and start writing.

And if there’s anything you struggle with, outsource it, and then carry on writing.


Read more about this at http://ruthiswriting.com/articles/2016/stop-procrastinating-start-writing.html