Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Latest Writing Products

I you're looking for something that can help you write more, take a look at these latest products for writers.

Over the years I have bought many ebooks for writers and writing courses and they have all helped me to create my own successful writing career.

And maybe one of these can be the start of yours.

How To Be a Writer Without Losing Your Mind: Balancing Work, Life, and Craft
Being a writer can make you crazy. The writer's life is at once invigorating and exhausting, it can be isolating and wonderfully social, inspiring as well as demeaning.

With practical tips and tricks, examples from dozens of famous writers, and inspiration culled from years of experience as both an author and agent, instructor John Cusick provides the tools for tackling the writing life with gusto, enthusiasm, and balance.

Learn healthy, productive techniques for combating the inner critic, utilize envy, and summon motivation. With humor and insight, this presentation gives writers the skills to conquer the maddening uncertainties of writing and publishing, and to create a space for one's writer self in the world.

Writing the High Octane Action Script at Writers Store
Every movie-goer and script reader loves action movies that refuse to quit until the very last frame.

In this value pack, you'll learn how to structure a fast-paced, well-plotted script that keeps the action moving. Included are four recorded webinars, two videos, and an OnDemand course presented by insiders and experts in the action script industry.

Only available in June, this is a fast paced value pack you don't want to miss!

Save 50% OFF on All of the Best Sellers! No coupon necessary
Check out the categories from BrianTracy.com such as Personal Success, Time Management, Love & Family, Business Success, Sales Success and much more. This sale is valid from June 20th to July 2nd.

Write Great Fiction Collection at Writer's Digest Shop
It takes skill to craft a story with believable dialogue, characters, and setting. I

f you're looking to master everything from dialogue to different styles of grammar, you'll get the best tools available for writing fiction in this Write Great Fiction Collection. Best of all, you'll even get the tools you need to diagnose pitfalls of work and how to turn those pitfalls into strengths.

Make sure your writing stands out in the slush pile and get yourself published!

Four Weeks to Your Sitcom Pilot at Screenwriters University
Learn and master the art of high pressure sitcom writing with Four Weeks to Your Sitcom Pilot at Screenwriters University.

Students will be encouraged to post work for group review and feedback, since the ‘room’ or ‘table’ is a highly significant element in the professional world of creating television comedy. Interaction benefits comedic creation and fine tuning in almost every instance. I

n the real world of TV production, creative group sessions can be both daunting and invaluable to the finished product. This class will attempt to replicate that experience. And you will finish the workshop with a complete draft of a 30 minute sitcom script.

Business and Legal Essentials for Screenwriters
Finally, all the legal and business essentials you need to be successful in screenwriting!

Complete with eight proven webinars and the updated Hollywood Screenwriting Directory, this collection offers advice on finding and then choosing the right agent for you.

Learn how to build and maintain healthy partnerships as well as how to pitch and sell your screenplay in an effective manner.

You'll also get advice from top agents and managers currently representing clients.

With these resources you'll get the help you need now and avoid getting taken advantage of by the industry!

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