Thursday, 21 July 2016

A New Market For Your Ebooks

“Laptop Computer With Books, Isolated On White” by cooldesign
As many of you already know, I co-authored the ebook The Wealthy Writer with Nick Daws and it's published by The Self Development Network.

Up until now The Self Development Network have only sold ebooks that they publish themselves.

But now they are opening their doors to self published authors who may be interested in selling their own ebooks through The Self Development Network.

This is great news because not only is it a new market for ebook authors, but also because The Self Development Network has a whole army of thousands of affiliate marketers who can promote your ebooks to their own customers.

Not only that, but you can join as an affiliate yourself and start marketing their existing catalogue of ebooks right now.

If you're interested in selling your ebooks through this new channel, here's three things I suggest you do first:

Look at the Ebooks They Already Sell. This is for two reasons. First so that you don't offer them one that they already have. Second so that you get a feel for the type of products they're looking for and the existing categories such as self help and writing ebooks.

Find a Hungry Market. Having people who are already looking for an ebook like yours is more important than the ebook itself. If you want to propose an ebook - or a series of ebooks - to them, it's better to already know that there's already a large, existing market.

Write Ebooks Quickly and Offer Bonus Reports. To earn a full-time income from writing ebooks it's important to be able to write them quickly. It is possible to write an ebook in 7 days and a short bonus report in just 2 hours, which you can learn about at Writing ebooks produces passive income, so you need to be able to write several a year or at least one a month.

If you are interested in writing ebooks for The Self Development Network, ask for more information from

And read more about writing and selling ebooks in my new article "Four Things That Will Make Readers Want to Buy Your Ebook Instantly."