Thursday, 1 September 2016

If You Want To Earn Money From Your Writing, Don't Do This

I write a lot of articles and blog posts about how to write quickly.

This isn't because I think that speed is the most important thing (although it is really important), but because I find that the faster I write, the better I write.

I believe it's because when I write quickly it turns off my internal critic, the little voice in my head that wants to edit as I write and keeps telling me that I'm going off track or that my grammar isn't right.

But when I start writing and don't stop, the inner critic in my head can't be heard.

I also set a timer when I write, for about 25 or 30 minutes, so that I'm writing against the clock which helps to keep me going.

So when I talk about writing quickly, I'm talking about writing well, not writing badly.

By all means write as fast as you can, but never EVER write badly.

Don't think that fast writing is good writing. Fast writing simply means you can write more and turn off the inner critic/editor at the same time.

Bad writing is one of the things that ruins writers' chances when they think that just because they can self publish everything they write, they can write garbage.

Don't ever do that.

The Internet is full of book reviews and if you get a lot of bad ones, no one will want to buy your books.

If you want to know if your writing is good, ask yourself if you'd be satisfied with it if you were sending it to a publishing company. Would you send them your manuscript, or would you have written it better or edited it more?

So when you write, do your best writing, do it quickly, don't edit as you write, edit and proof it professionally, and then publish it and get on with your next book.

Writers write, so keep on writing and remember, never write anything but your best.