Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Latest Products For Writers. Improve Your Craft. Make More Money

I have some amazing books, products and writing courses for you that will really help you to perfect your writing craft and make it possible for you to earn more income from your writing.

Take a look at the list below and see if there's something that can help catapult your writing success.

Write a Comedy Feature Film
Jump start your comedy screenplay! A spec comedy screenplay is a great calling card for any screenwriter, and in this course we’ll tee you up to create a successful one.
Writers will learn the tools professional comedy writers use to create funny screenplays, and how to use those tools to get started on your own script.
You’ll start by creating and discussing funny loglines, and learn the criteria for determining which premise should advance to the outline stage.
Then you’ll create a detailed outline with one-on-one instructor feedback.
Once each student has a winning story plotted out for a comedy screenplay, we’ll workshop the funniest ways to execute that idea as a feature-length script.
Finally, each student will begin writing a comedy screenplay, which can be completed after the class.

Grow Your Book Sales with Amazon Marketing Services
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Beginning Feature Film Writing
Whether you are a writer looking to understand the fundamentals of writing for film or a television writer looking to expand your skillset, Beginning Feature Film Writing has invaluable information to offer you. Using detailed analyses of successful scripts, you will discover how film writers maximize the impact of your work using compelling characters and scenes.
The writing critiques in this workshop are tailored to develop specific skills needed to succeed as a feature film writer. You will also gain access to a wealth of creative writing prompts.

Writing Based on a True Story at Writers Store
In today’s marketplace, creative non-fiction and screenplays based on true stories are selling faster than fiction.
A-list actors and agents know this and are more likely to read your screenplay if it’s based on true events.
In this kit, you’ll learn how to harness the intrigue of this unique genre and find the best “story” to tell within your true story.
With step-by-step instruction from screenwriters in the industry, you’ll learn the best process to follow in developing a true story screenplay that sells.

How to Create Memorably Scary Scenes Workshop at Screenwriters University
This one-week intensive course, taught by horror pro Neal Marshall Stevens (13 Ghosts, Hellraiser:Deader), will explore the nuts and bolts techniques that working screenwriters and filmmakers use to create fear on the page and on the screen, using examples from classic and contemporary films ranging from Night of the Living Dead to Paranormal Activity—including examples from his own screenplays.
Students will explore the importance of properly structuring and setting up scares, where and when to use the “boo” moment, and the importance of developing the “sense of dread.”

Mastering the Conventions of Horror Writing at Screenwriters University
Horror has been one of the staples of film ever since the medium was invented. This genre is truly a writer’s medium:
If you can present a new version of an old concept and scare us on the page, your script can sell. Plus, there is always room for innovation and creativity within the field.
That’s why horror is a natural choice for many a screenwriter.

Final Draft 10 Just Released
Just Released, the new Final Draft 10 Software Suite! When you're ready to write a screenplay, you want only the best screenwriting software to help you get to from initial concept to FADE OUT. That's why you need the all-new Final Draft 10, the number-one-selling software designed specifically to write scripts for film, television, and theater.
Final Draft automatically formats and paginates your script to Industry standards with just two simple keystrokes.

Story and Character Development Bundle at Writers Store
The story writers ultimate combo. Persona, character development software for Mac and Win, will help you craft your characters and Contour, story development software for Mac and Win, will guide you through developing your story.
With the Story and Character Development Bundle, you can be assured your bases are covered when it comes to creating the best characters and story possible.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer's Lecture Series at Writer's Digest Shop
Do you love exploring new worlds and possibilities? Dive into the diverse universe of science fiction and fantasy writing with this collection.
Study these fantastical genres of writing and learn what you need to create the best first impression, memorable character, and more. Heighten the senses of your readers with unique settings and concepts that you can only find within the realm of fantasy genres.
Learn how to take your fantasy or science fiction novel to the next level!

Travel Writing at Writer's Digest University
When you take this six-week workshop, you'll discover how to become a travel writer by exploring the different types of articles you can write and developing your writing style.
You'll learn travel writing tips such as how to take your own photographs.
Use this workshop to draft an article that keeps readers captivated and garners interest from travel editors.

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