Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Crucial Writing Advice

“Hands Tearing Apart A Banknote” by Sira Anamwong
Lately I’ve received a few emails from people giving me their opinion on my blog posts.

But let me get one thing straight first -

My advice about how to earn money from your writing (which is what ALL my posts are about) are only aimed at one group of people - those who are serious about wanting to earn money from their writing AND who aren’t afraid to do the necessary work.

Yet the emails I’ve been receiving are from people who don’t actually want to write.

Instead it seems they only want to read about making money from writing and that somehow money will magically appear in their bank accounts.

They say they don’t have time to write.

Don't have the skills.

Don’t know how to start.

Don’t know how to keep going.

Or they’re just too busy doing other more important things.

So let’s get a few things right about this subject.

Earning money from writing means:

  • Writing every day.

  • Publishing/submitting everything you write.

  • Actually wanting to write.

  • Buying any books/resources necessary to help you.

All the advice I give is crucial if you want to be a money-earning writer.

So don’t let this fall of deaf ears.

You must be reading this because you want to earn money from your writing.

So do yourself a favour and write and publish/submit something today.

Then think about what you’ll write, publish/submit tomorrow.

Once you make a determined start it’s easy to keep going.

Make today the day you stop wasting time and start writing more.

Do You Have What It Takes To Do The 12 Month Writing Challenge?

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