Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to Have a Great Idea For a Book

Goodbye Writers' Block
To make money you need to have something to sell.

And as writers, what we sell are our words, usually in the form of a book.

Books are our products that we sell.

But what do you do if you want to write a book but have no idea what to write about?

First, identify your expertise:

~ What do you enjoy researching?

~ What do you enjoy writing?

~ What do you know a lot about?

Next ask; who is your audience?

It’s no good writing a book if no one wants to read it. So picture in your mind the type of person who would enjoy reading your book.

Amazon is a great place to use for inspiration and ideas.

You can look at which books are most popular and you can see readers comments.

With Amazon’s “Search Inside” feature, you can get a really good idea of a book’s contents and the style of writing.

And in the reviews you can find out what people liked and didn’t like as well as what they would have preferred the book contained.

Once you know what to write about, you need to make sure that all your blog posts and emails that you write also serve your audience.

Don’t write only for yourself. Always let your audience know how they can benefit from what you’re telling them.

Then write lots of books and promote them heavily online.

Just always remember that before you write any book, you need a “hungry” market waiting to buy it, so know your audience and always write for them.

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