Friday, 24 November 2017

How Time-Saving Is This?

I always try and save time.

One of my pet peeves is wasted time because of inefficiency.

That’s why I try and have my own systems and wicked ways of how I do things.

The rest of my family laugh and say I have OCD.

But it’s not.

I’m just efficient with my time.

I have set ways of how I complete tasks whether it’s household chores, online work, or writing.

You see, I figured out a long time ago that successful businesses have efficient systems.

For instance, when I used to work in an office, we had a system for filing physical files so that if someone needed a file, they knew exactly where it would be in the filing cabinet.

There were also rules and systems for how we handled everything, with processes to go through and everything was kept exactly where it was supposed to be so that no time was lost looking for something.

And if a customer came in with a query, we knew exactly who to send them to and that person knew exactly what to do.

See? Efficient systems.

And if someone new started working there, they were quickly shown what we do, how we did it, and where everything was kept.

And it’s the same with a writing business.

Just imagine if you were hiring an assistant and you had to explain your work-flow to them and show them how you file everything on your computer and/or in your office.

Could you do it?

Do you have simple systems and work-flow patterns that you could easily explain to someone else?

For instance, if you wanted to explain how you handle your email, could you say, “If I get an email from this company, I deal with it this way,” and show them exactly what you do with it?

Or explain the exact process you go through to research and outline a book before you write it?

If not, then you may need to re-organise how you work to save more time for your writing.


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