Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Exercise Your Muscle to Sell More Books

This is a good time of year for my book sales because one of my books is always my Christmas best seller.

And that book is 'How To Quit Smoking Without Giving Up Cigarettes.'

Why is it a best seller this time of year?

Because most people think that January 1st is magical and it will somehow give them with more willpower, so they buy my quit smoking book or give it as a gift to someone who they think will have more willpower in the New Year.

And while that's really great for me, the truth (that we already know but don't want to admit it) is that we already have all the willpower we need to accomplish anything we want, or to give up bad habits.

You see, willpower is a muscle. And just like any other muscle, if it doesn't get used enough, it becomes weak.

But the good news is that all it takes to make it strong again is to use it.

Because the more you use it the stronger it gets.

And it's not just good for quitting smoking.

It's also a great muscle to use to help you write more and earn more.

You just have to exercise it every day.

So don't wait until next year rolls around.

You already have what you need.


How to Quit Smoking Without Giving Up Cigarettes
Let this amazing quit-smoking course, help you to use your willpower to quit for good.

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