Wednesday, 27 December 2017

My New Year Writing Goals

It's nearly 2018 and I've been busying making lots of goals for next year because I want my writing success in 2018 to be far greater than 2017 (not that it was bad this year, but I always want more).

Part of my plan is to write and publish more books in the writing niche.

I'm also going to have monthly topics for my books, emails and websites.

This month's has mostly been about affiliate marketing (I started my goals early). January will be all about self publishing and February is about finding motivation and inspiration to write more.

All my chosen topics for 2018 are all designed to help you write more and earn more from your writing.

It's important to not only be able to write and earn more, but to absolutely love what you do.

To wake up every morning, excited to start writing and go to bed at night feeling great about all you've achieved.

And this is how being an affiliate marketer can help.

You only need to spend 10 or 15 minutes a day writing a blog post that contains an affiliate link and then get back to book writing.

Or you can set up affiliate websites.

Choose a niche, find products (or just one product) to promote, and write blog posts, emails, sales copy, marketing articles, and you can even do video and podcasts if you want to.

And if you're looking for products and ideas, VigLink has thousands of products and can automatically change links already on your site to affiliate links.

This makes it easy because it does the heavy work for you so that you can just keep on writing.

Transform your content into a thriving e-commerce business with VigLink

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