Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Writers Who Don't Write?

Believe it or not, I keep discovering writers who never write.

It seems incredible to me that there are people who say they are writers and ask me about how I earn money from my writing while they don't seem to be able to earn anything at all.

And when I dig a little deeper into why they aren't making any money from their writing, it's because their writing doesn't exist.

They simply never write anything.

They think about writing every single day.

But they do nothing about it. Except, of course, read about others earning money from their writing and wondering why it never happens to them.

I think the problem often stems from silly ads that can be seen everywhere online that show someone sitting on a beach doing nothing, or they're somewhere exotic sipping a glass of wine. And the ad will be all about working from home and being your own boss or earning money as a writer.

Those stupid kinds of ads really annoy me because it makes it look as though working from home, or writing for a living, means sitting around doing nothing all day long or being on a permanent holiday.

Yet the reality is that writing is work. No unpleasant work, but still work.

That's why so many give up because they didn't understand the reality of working as a writer.

The truth is that all successful writers write.

Stephen King writes every day for 90 minutes. He even writes when he's on holiday.

Top copywriter, Eugene Schwartz, used to write 3 to 4 hours every day, and he wrote 7 days a week.

And prolific novelist, Dean Wesley Smith, writes for hours every night from around 10pm or midnight and he writes until dawn (and then sleeps until lunchtime, but these hours suit him).

All writers work differently and at different hours of the day.

And all prolific writers are successful one way or the other.

But they all write.

They write every day.

And they all realised long ago that writing is a job, not a hobby.

So what are you going to do for the next 10 days?

How about writing and publishing an ebook?


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