Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Bad Times Turning Out Good

As you know, I've had a lot of trouble over the past few months with a very strange man who bought the domain name of my old site two years ago and somehow seemed to think that he owned me and that he had the right to tell me what I could and could not publish on my new website.

He bought my old domain name, Writeaholics and I started my new site

He's sent me several threatening letters recently AND issued a false DMCA takedown notice, claiming that he owned the copyright of all my old articles, a few of which I published on my new website, and other articles on my site written by other authors.

He doesn't own the copyright of any of my articles (although I did give him the legal right to republish them) and he definitely doesn't own the copyright of other authors' articles yet he still lied about it in the legal DMCA notice, but I removed the articles anyway just to shut him up and to try and get him to leave me alone.

At the time it seemed like a bad thing was happening, but as it turns out, it's all for the good.

I was looking over everything lately, mainly because of my new website design that is happening soon, and decided that it's actually better if I don't have any of my old articles on my new site because otherwise it would be duplicate content, and the search engines don't like indexing sites that have the same content.

So what I've started doing is completely rewriting my old articles and it will be better for several reasons:

1. Duplicate content. As I already said, it's better to have freshly written content on my site rather than use the old outdated articles like he's doing.

2. Updating. Many of the articles need to have the information they contain updated, so while he still has the outdated stuff on his site, mine will all be freshly written and updated content.

3. Some need removing. There are a few articles that are so out of date it's better to remove them altogether. These articles are not only of no use to anyone, but could also be of harm to others if they try and follow the outdated advice. So he can continue to publish outdated advice on my old domain,  name, with my old outdated website design, but I won't do it on my website.

So as it turns out, he actually did me a favour because I now have plenty of content to add to my website. In fact, there are several years of fresh and updated content that I'll be adding.

And no one can lie and say I'm infringing their copyright because it will all be brand new content.

Well, actually there is one person who can lie, and I know he can because he's already done it - on a legal document no less. But surely he's not stupid enough to do it again.

Is he...?


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