Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Two Important Writing Perfections

In a recent article, I wrote about The Buddhist Six Perfections of Writing.

It's about how the Six Buddhist Perfections for life and spiritual practice can also be attributed to writing.

And I thought that two of these perfections were most pertinent:



Patience - because writing takes time (so does everything). Not only that but it usually takes much longer to do than I think it will. Or sometimes writing seems to be slow but I'm actually working at a good pace so when I finally look at the clock I see that I haven't been writing for as long as I think. But I still need to keep my head down and work while I'm doing it. So patience is always required.

Concentration - because writing can often require 'deep work' in order to organise research, outline and stay on track of what I'm trying to say. Writing is not something that I can do while watching a movie or singing a song. It takes complete attention so that I can concentrate.

No doubt you've noticed yourself that you need a lot of patience, especially when working on a large writing project, and concentration to stick to what you're doing and to go deep into your own thoughts.

I know that makes writing sound difficult to do, but it's not.

Not if you have enough patience and the ability to concentrate.

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