Thursday, 5 July 2018

I'm a Slacker Not a Writer

You may have noticed recently that I've not published anything online.

Nada. Nothing.

Not even social media post.

Not only have I not published anything in over a week, but I haven't written anything either.

I feel like such a slacker.

But next week will be different.

Next week I'll get my butt back in my chair and do some work.

The reason I've been so slack about writing and publishing lately is that my beautiful friend and constant companion died last Friday.

My beloved 12-year-old greyhound, Banjo, had to be euthanised after the painful injuries from his previous racing days became so great that even his strong medications weren't helping any more and they were also starting to make him really ill.

So it was a painful decision to put an end to his suffering, but it had to be done.

My husband and I then immediately booked a hotel and took off to the city for a couple of days.

But then we had to return on Monday morning and face our empty house and remove all Banjo's belongings, including his six big dog beds (how did he ever get so many beds?).

Banjo was a 'velcro' dog because he was always by my side and never wanted to be left alone. Wherever I was, Banjo was right there with me, even laying so close to my desk chair that his head touched the wheels so I always had to look down before I moved it even an inch.

I've cried a river and an ocean recently and I'm hoping that time will work it's healing on me.

I kept telling myself that if I got lost in some writing, it would make me feel better. But with the absence of greyhound head on my chair wheels, it feels too lonely.

Today, however, I'm back at my computer, albeit, that I'm sitting at my dining table in the main part of the house and not in my office in the back annexe room (yet).

But progress is progress.

And I've found that writing is somewhat therapeutic after all.

So next week I'll get back in my usual chair and write.

I've already been going over a few things today and I have some really great writing and publishing resources I want to share with you.

So keep an eye out in your inbox because I'm going to tell you about how you earn a substantial income and keep 100% of the profits from selling ebooks and digital training courses.

And how you can have your own ebooks to sell even if you don't feel like writing.

In the meantime, here are some recent photos.

Banjo "cockroaching" in the warm winter sun.

Dean sharing food with Banjo
and our daughter's little dog, Marcy.

The flowers received from the vets, currently
sitting where Banjo used to.
(in a cereal box because I don't have a vase)

And if you want a laugh, here's a photo of our hotel room door with a sign next to it that clearly should have been at the other side of the door. :)

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