Thursday, 21 November 2019

It Seems I'm Being Irrational About My Writing

I've been reading a book that I borrowed from the library. It's a huge book and I'm only a few pages into it so far but it's already got me hooked. It's fascinating.

This (huge) book is called The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene and it's all about understanding how and why others act the way they do and also how we act. It seems we all pretend to be someone we're not when we're in public because we all try to be polite and usually never speak our minds.

It also said that we all exhibit irrational behaviour all the time and we don't even realise we're doing it.

For example (and this is the one that caught my attention) procrastinating is irrational behaviour because we know we have to do something, yet we don't do it. Instead, we procrastinate and we know we're doing it yet we still persist.

And I guess it's true. Why would any rational person not do something they need to do even though they have nothing else to do at the time?

It got my attention because it's what we all do when it comes to writing.

Not only do we procrastinate, but we also have so many different ways we could be sitting down and getting our writing done and earning money at the same time.

Just look at this list of 3 writing courses:

7 Day Ebook Writing and Publishing System

The 10 Day Ebook

How to Write Any Book in 28 Days or Less

Just these 3 courses alone could have you writing and publishing 3 books in the next 2 months if you don't procrastinate.

I find that being organised stops procrastination.

I just write a list of the 6 things I need to do every day (writing-related or not) and then I get to work on them straight away every morning. It helps because I don't have to think about what I'm going to do. I just look in the list in my diary and get straight to work on number 1.

That's also why I like to do writing courses (like the ones above) because they mean that all I have to do is open them up and get to work because they tell me exactly what I need to do and in what order so all I have to do is keep working my way through them.

And doesn't that sound more rational and simple to implement rather than always procrastinating and not knowing where to start?

So get organised and start writing.

No more excuses.

Stop your irrational behaviour.

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