Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Christmas is a Time for Planning

Today is Christmas Eve, for those who celebrate such things, but I do not.

I haven't done the Christmas thing for over 20 years.

As you can imagine this horrifies many people when I tell them. They over-react like I just killed one of their children.

Yet when I ask them why they celebrate it, they have no idea. Are they religious? No. Do they believe in God and Jesus? No. Do they know why they put up a tree in their house every year? No. Do they enjoy buying lots of gifts? No. Do they enjoy writing and sending lots of cards? Hell no. So why do they do it? Because everyone else does it.

Hmm..... I'd rather not.

This is why it's 24th December and I'm busy writing a blog post and not rushing around buying last-minute gifts or preparing a meal for tomorrow that's so huge, everyone will overeat. To me today is just another day and I have no plans for tomorrow either.

Also, as an aside, we are currently in a huge 6-month drought. The grass is dead and crunchy to walk on. We now shower over a bucket and pour the water we collect in it, onto the garden. We also have a kitchen bucket and wash our dishes by hand so that we can empty the washing up bowl into the bucket and pour that on some of the poor, dehydrating plants in the garden too. Thankfully rain is actually forecast for later today, and the clouds are already building up, and tomorrow (Christmas Day) a deluge is forecast. But that's it. Just two days of rain in 6 months, and back to drought.

Anyway, to me 25th December is just another day. Nothing special. So it's a day I usually make good use of for my writing business.

A few days ago I purchased a 2020 diary (or planner, as it says on the first inside page) so tomorrow I'm going to use it to start planning out my writing for the first few weeks of 2020, plus make bigger plans for the rest of the year, like how many books I plan to write, themes and subjects for my blogs, etc.

Yep, 25th December is a great day to get lots of planning done, not just because it supposed to rain all day, but also, everything is closed (shops, restaurants, pubs, etc), so there really is little else to do anyway. And because it's going to rain, we can't even go to the beach tomorrow like a lot of people do. We had plans to have lunch with a few friends at the local dam and swim in the afternoon, but that plan is now scrapped.

So even if you do celebrate this day, you can also use part of it as a great day for planning all your writing for next year.

Because, as they say, if you fail to plan, you're planning to fail.

Enjoy your time off work and make some great writing plans


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