Friday, 27 December 2019

It's Not What You Said, It's The Way You Said It

Yesterday, I watched a fascinating video on YouTube.

It was short talk (less than 45 minutes) by author Dean Wesley Smith.

It's called The Attitude of a Fiction Author, but the subject is suitable for any writer.

In fact, Dean tells you to write what you enjoy writing instead of doing the kind of writing you think you SHOULD do, or what you think will earn you the most money, because, he says, if you're not enjoying what you're doing, you won't be good at it, nor will you be able to do it year after year, which will make your writing career unsustainable.

Not only that, but it will interfere with how you write. In other words, the tone of your writing.

His overall message is to have fun with your writing. Just write, proofread (don't rewrite) and publish. Then get on with your next book, short story, or whatever.

He also said something that I found remarkably interesting, and that is, if you publish your work (whether it's a book or some other sort of writing) and it doesn't sell, don't take it off the market because it will eventually find the right market. And it may not be your book that's bad. It could be the cover or the sales page, but if you leave it alone, eventually the right readers will find your book and love it.

This was one of the best talks about writing that I've heard in a long time. His presentation is extremely uplifting and once I'd finished watching it and taking notes (I wrote copious notes), I was inspired to write.

You can see the video below.

It's well worth a watch.

And as this time of year is so close to the New Year, this talk could really motivate you to have your best, and most fun, year of writing, ever.


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