Tuesday, 4 February 2020

How To Avoid the Horrible Mistake Other People Make With Writing Goals

"When your goals inspire you, when you believe and act on them, you will accomplish them."
~ Jim Rohn

I love the above quote by Jim Rohn, who was an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. He believed in the power of goal setting.

And I also believe that setting goals is motivational and it always helps me to work through and finish my writing projects.

The problem though is that most writers make the mistake of setting the WRONG goals.

What do I mean by wrong?

They set goals that are unappealing to themselves, or they set goals that seem unachievable. And when that happens, writing doesn't happen.

You see in order to achieve your writing goals they need to be inspiring and motivating, otherwise you won't even make a start.

If you have writing goals that you always think about but never, ever start, ask yourself if it's really something that you want to do? Because often (and I've been guilty of this myself), we set goals for accomplishing things we think we SHOULD do, rather than things we want to do.

So when it comes to writing, what is that you REALLY want to do? What are your writing dreams and writing goals? What is is that you want to sit down and write about every day?

And whatever you decide, make sure it's something that is fun for you to do. Something that you really would enjoy and that you look forward to doing it every day.

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