Friday, 13 November 2020

That's My Writing Spot

I love watching the TV comedy show the Big Bang Theory because it's full of hilarious one-liners plus ongoing topics that are always funny.

One of the ongoing things is that the main character, Sheldon, doesn't like anyone sitting in his spot on the couch and he's always saying, "That's my spot" if anyone sits in it so that they'll move because he refuses to sit anywhere else.

And I had somewhat of a 'Sheldon' moment a few weeks ago too that had to do with my writing spot.

You see, here in Australia it was cold (it's winter in the middle of the year here) and I wanted to save money by not running more than one heater every day.

My office where I work is in a separate room to the rest of the house and I have to walk across the back veranda to get to it. It's where I have my desk as well as a table that I use when I'm writing by hand and it has a separate heater to the rest of the house.

Anyway, every day I went into the back room, collected all my writing material and my computer and took it all into the main house and did my writing at the dining table because the heater was on in the house every day.

But I wasn't happy being there and so I began to write less and less until eventually I wasn't writing at all.

Luckily, it became warmer after a few weeks (our winters aren't usually cold for long) so I migrated back into my usually writing room and then I became amazingly productive and even though it was still a bit cold some days, I refused to go back into the house to write and instead put on wooly jumpers and slippers and kept on writing.

Now it's almost summer and it's warm every day so I'm back in my usual writing spot and I'm much happier here.

I just wish I'd not been so stubborn before and just worked in my writing room and put the heater on because it turns out I do need my writing spot.

When it's really warm I do go outside to write, at the park or sometimes in my own back yard, but mostly I prefer to work at my own desk (or writing table). 

That's my writing spot.

I hope you have a writing spot too and that you love it.

And take Sheldon's advice and don't let anyone sit in it.

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