Wednesday, 18 August 2021

How I Found $4,000 Worth of Freelance Writing Opportunities in Just One Magazine and How You Can Too

 I began as a freelance writer over 20 years ago because it was the easiest, fastest and most motivating way to earn money. It was easy because all I had to do was find writing markets and make submissions. It was fast because some markets paid in just a few days, and it was motivating because I just kept writing and submitting and the money kept on coming. I was hooked.

I found it easy to find freelance writing markets, yet I soon discovered that not everyone was that fortunate. It seemed that I'd stumbled onto a way to find them that not all would-be freelance writers knew. In fact, I found so many writing markets that I had to pick and choose which to submit my work to because I didn't have time to write for them all. THAT'S how many freelance writing markets I discovered.

It was during this time that I found a magazine that had a writing opportunity in it that I was interested in. But as I began to look through the magazine more thoroughly, I quickly realised that there was $4,000 worth of writing opportunities in just this one magazine.

This spurred me on to re-evaluate every magazine I had submitted to and realised that they all had even more opportunities than I'd first realised. So then I had hundreds more freelance writing options than I had before.

In my latest ebook, Quick Cash Freelance Writing, I show you the EXACT magazine I found so many opportunities in and list what they were and how much they paid. Plus you'll discover so many more freelance writing markets.

And for the rest of this month, Quick Cash Freelance Writing is only 99 cents. That's right. For less than a dollar you can download it and start writing today.

But be quick. Next month the price goes up.

Quick Cash Freelance Writing

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