Friday, 7 January 2022

How to Write More And More And More…

Do you dream of writing more? Do you see yourself sitting and writing and having hundreds of published books and selling thousands of copies every month?

If you do then it’s time to stop dreaming and start writing.

And although you’d love it if I told you a “secret” to getting more writing done,  I’m not going to tell you any such thing. In fact, I’m going to tell you the opposite.

The only way to write more is to have more bum-in-chair time and actually get your writing done. It really is that straight forward and simple.

But this is good news because when you spend more time writing, it help you in 3 ways.

  1. You get more writing done. Successful writers are prolific writers and so that’s what you need to be too. The more time you spend writing, the more writing you’ll get done. It’s so so logical.
  2. You’ll get faster. Anything we do continually makes us faster and better. It’s like when you learn to drive, or start a new job. At first it seems hard and time-consuming, but the more you do it the better you get and the faster you can do things.
  3. It creates a writing habit. When you do something every day, it soon becomes a habit so you can do it without even thinking about it. And habits, as we know, make our lives easier and effortless - or at least the good ones do.

If you want to write more, then it means more bum-in-chair time and there’s no getting away from that. There is no quick fix or cheat or secret way to do it.

On the plus side, writing more makes it faster and easier to do, plus you’ll get better with practice too.

And that is the secret to writing more.

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