Thursday, 12 May 2022

Finally Moved, And Back To Writing

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay
Last week I told you I was moving. I was not going far but it was still exhausting.

Somehow I thought I’d still have time to get plenty of writing done, but I didn’t.

For the past week it’s been all so tiring and time-consuming, packing up all our meagre worldly possessions and unpacking them again, but at least it’s over now, so that I can get back to my normal life.

So far I’m loving where we’ve moved to and my desk is in a window nook so I have a view again. I was staring at a blank corner before.

We lived in our previous apartment for only a year, but we weren’t really happy there, partly because the whole place was getting progressively filthier because the caretakers refused clean it properly and the committee (who are the only people who can do anything about it) seemed to be slow to do anything about it. Happily though, they are now taking action.

Then construction work began with a new apartment block being built on the complex and so the filth suddenly got much worse.

Luckily, by then, we’d already sold our apartment. Hopefully lack of caretaking situation will resolve itself, but in the meantime I’m glad I’m out so that I can settle down to my writing again. Also our new apartment is brand new so it’s already clean and beautiful and doesn’t have any “inherited” dirt.

Moving also meant that I missed my monthly deadline for publishing another book, plus there were issues with publishing my previous book, but it’s all sorted now.

You can see my latest book, a novel, called, “What Goes Around Comes Around - When karma is a bitch, can love conquer all?” at

It was a fun book to write and it’s a great book to read.

Grab a copy now in print or download the eBook.

Happy reading and writing.

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