Thursday 4 July 2024

An Offer You Don't Want to Miss To Earn Passive Income From Your Writing

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Ever Thought Of Earning Passive Income From Teaching Online Courses?

This is a limited time offer that you don’t want to miss (or read on to find out how to do it for free).

AND it’s something that I’m looking into myself right now so I wanted to give you a heads up too, because if you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to earn more money from your writing. 

This month, Teachable is offering a one-time discount on each of their paid plans for new customers. This discount can be used for either the first month of a monthly plan or the first year of an annual plan. New customers are encouraged to buy early as the discounted amount decreases each day - starting at 25% off (July 3) and ending at 15% off (July 7).

But, if you prefer, you can sign up for free and create an online course, online coaching or sell digital downloads (ebooks, templates, how-to guides, etc) and start selling straight away.

 However, if you’re already serious about earning money from teaching online, the discounted offer is too good to be missed. Their prices start from $39/month with courses/coaching/downloads selling from a few dollars to hundreds $$$$ (some are over $1,000) and most have many students at the same time so it’s a great way to continually increase your income. You can also sell as many courses/downloads as you want so they can all be earning you money simultaneously.

On their website, Teachable suggests that you set a baseline price of $100 for your course.

But what can you teach online?

Well, we all know something about something and there’s always other people who want to know about it too, and selling your knowledge online can create a simple, yet substantial, stream of passive income.

Once you sign up you can set up your first course/coaching/download for free.

You can create an online course using video, audio, downloadable guides, or any or all of the above. They even help you set up a sales page to create maximum impact for interested students. 

You can set up a course on anything that interests you. There are already lots of courses on simple things like water colour painting, flower arranging, and even making cupcakes. There is also a plethora of business courses too.

If you want to do online coaching you can customise all your content to create milestones, send messages, and offer digital downloads.

Sell your ebooks

If you already have digital products, or you want to create some, you can sell them on Teachable too. You can sell ebooks, how-to guides, templates, spreadsheets, audio files, videos, music, art… in fact on their website they say that “If you can create it, you can sell it.”

You can also package different products together and sell them as a bundle, or use digital downloads as an upsell with a course or coaching.

And with their drag and drop system, you don’t need to know any coding.

So if you’re looking for more ways to earn money from your writing, sign up to Teachable and start selling what you know.

It costs nothing to set up your first course/coaching/digital download.

It’s a great way to earn even more money from your writing without having to do more work.


Create & sell online courses and coaching with the best online course platform used by the entrepreneurs to sell $500m+ to over 18 million students.

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