Wednesday, 9 April 2014

2 Free Kindle Books I Downloaded Today

Today I found two great books on Kindle available for free download so I got them both.

I was originally only looking for one ebook called Rapid Wordpress Websites: Learn Wordpress on a need-to-know basis to build a website in hours, not days! 

But after I downloaded it there was a link to other free and cheap ebooks.

One of the free ebooks was written by an author that I'm a fan of so I downloaded that one too.
The first book, Rapid Wordpress Websites is a huge ebook written by Dr Andy Williams who is brilliant when it comes to creating money-making websites fast. So I didn't have to think too hard before I downloaded his free Kindle ebook.

I don't actually use WordPress sites anymore because I find them too unstable to use and too easy to hack. One of my previous WordPress sites was hacked twice in quick succession. So I now have no WordPress sites but I thought that this free ebook would be great for other information about blogging not just about using WordPress software.

And I was right. It has a wealth of all sorts of information about setting up a blog including planning the site, using pages and posts, choosing a design, colours and different ways to make money from a blog. This is going to be a useful book indeed.

My other free download was a novel called Perfect Alibis by Jane Wenham Jones. Jane is a funny woman and her books can give you quite a giggle. Perfect Alibis is about a woman who gets a job as a PA and discovers that PA doesn't stand for the usual Personal Assistant but for a Perfect Alibi. She is a woman who provides Alibis for cheating spouses.

I'm not too keen on the subject matter (because I'm definitely not a cheating spouse and think that such behaviour is unforgivable) but I'm sure the author will make it an entertaining read.

So if you want to learn more about how to plan design and set up a blog quickly and make money from it, download the currently free Kindle book, Rapid Wordpress Websites. And if you want a relaxing, funny read try Perfect Alibis while it's free too.

And when you visit the Amazon Kindle store and download the free ebooks, it will automatically suggest more free and cheap ebooks for you to try which can really help kick your creative mind into action.

Download these ebooks while they're still free.

And happy reading