Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How and Where to Pitch a Movie Idea

Ever thought of a good idea for a movie and then dismissed it because you’re not a screenwriter?

Well you don’t need to be a screenwriter to make it into the movie business. You only need to have a great idea for a good script to earn big money.

In fact, pitching a successful idea for a movie to a Hollywood Studio is one of the highest-paid ways to earn money – up to six figures just for writing a few lines.

As an example, one successful pitch was from a grandmother in the USA who only pitched one sentence: “Are you interested in a story about a man who lives in the Statue of Liberty?” The idea was fleshed out into a complete story and sold to a movie studio. The grandmother was paid almost $100,000 for writing her one sentence.

The trick to being successful is to be able to pitch your idea in a way that provokes interest in the reader. As writers, we have an edge over others because it’s not always the best idea that wins, but the idea with the best pitch.

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