Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Turning Articles Into Ebooks

image courtesy of stuart miles
Every writer wants to make money writing ebooks.


Because it's fast to do and can be quite lucrative.

And because of this, writing ebooks is something that can be done again and again.

But how can you write ebooks if you don't know what to write?

You can write short ebooks to give away as promotional material or you can write longer ebooks to sell. Or better still, you can do both.

If you want to write a non-fiction ebook but you don't have any ideas of where to start, you can begin by reading online articles.

There are thousands of articles online about every subject.

So you can sit and Google what you want to write about and find enough articles to cover everything.

You can also visit Amazon to look up the TOC of other books on the same subject to get ideas for chapters.

Then you just collate all the information you've gathered from your articles and sit down and write it all up into your own ebook.

But just remember: I'm not telling you to copy the information word for word. That is illegal.

What I mean is that you take all the facts and write them up in your own words. You're only collecting articles to gather information, not to plagiarise someone else's work.

Just make sure that the articles you collect are factual and not written by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. You can tell these because those who don't have a clue fill their articles with irrelevant information so their content is weak.

Find strong articles full of useful and inspiring information, collate it all into so that it flows, turn it into chapters and start writing.

As long as you can look up information online you've got no excuse for not writing your next ebook.

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