Friday, 23 January 2015

How I Work as an Online Writer And How I Get Such Great Ebook Covers

This week I began teaching a class at the local community college. I will also be teaching the class, twice a week for 6 weeks which will be starting soon.

They call the class Laptop Lifestyle.

I thought I wouldn't be any good at speaking in front of a class, but I didn't do so bad.

And I discovered that the old saying is true, that when one teaches, two learn, which means both the teacher and student gain insight.

Which is what happened to me because the question the people in the class kept asking me was how do I actually do these things myself. They wanted to know the exact ins and outs of how I work.

That made me realise that I rarely offer insights into how I work on a day-to-day basis, the software and apps I use, the websites I use, the equipment I use, or the ways I simplify the way I work so that I'm more productive.

I realised that many of the things I know aren't common knowledge, despite the way I always think that if I know something, everyone probably does.

So I've decided to change that and from now on I'll reveal much more than I usually do, to show you how I work and what I use so that, hopefully, it will help you too.

And because there's no time like the present, here is my first insight.

I may make my money from writing, but I am certainly no artist and definitely not a graphic artist either.

So graphics are something I outsource.

Luckily, a few years ago I stumbled across an amazing graphic designer called Buddy who, I think lives in the Philippines.

Anyway, he has a website called CoversCorp and he is a genius at web page design and ebook cover creation.

Over the years he's designed quite a few ebook covers for me.

All I do is pay the money through PayPal (which is less than $30), give him a brief few words about what I want and he does the rest. He even supplies royalty-free images.

And not only is he good, he turns projects around in just a day or two.

As an example of how good he is, when I wrote my ebook "Living The Laptop Lifestyle," I gave Buddy this short brief on the cover I wanted. "The ebook is about making money online with a laptop computer, but I want the cover to be more about working from home rather than making money."

And this is what he created:

See what I mean? He is a genius. He's created quite a few ebook covers for me and not once have I asked him to make any changes. His first design is always perfect.

But just as an FYI, he also created the cover for my romance novel, Stand By Me and it was about a young woman who was petite, blonde and fair skinned, but I forgot to tell that to Buddy and he designed a cover with a dark-haired woman. 

The cover, however, was so good that I didn't want to change it, so I edited my manuscript and changed the woman's appearance to match the cover image.

But it did teach me a lesson that if I need someone or something to look a certain way, I have to tell Buddy.

So that's how I get most of my ebooks covers, which is information I've been keeping secret up until now. 

So if you want a great ebook cover design take a look at Buddy's portfolio at He offers 2 cover designs included in the price and can also design you a matching web page too.

And if you're looking for a way to make more money online, Buddy has an affiliate program too. 

Once you browse the webpage designs and ebook covers in his portfolio, you'll see just how good he is and you'll want to promote his work, just like I do.

I also have a way that I create simple, flat ebook covers for free, but I'll leave that revelation for another day.

Because, after all, I don't want to spoil you too much, do I.