Thursday, 10 September 2015

Money Likes Speed

Typing FastThere are no speed limits on the road to excellence. We can’t be fined for speeding.” ~ David W. Johnson

Money Likes Speed is a saying I've heard over and over for the last few years.

But it's not just money that likes speed. Success (in all areas of life) likes speed too.

If you think, ponder, question, doubt, plan, meet, discuss, worry, etc, before you act, you'll never make enough money.

And it's the same with writing. Money likes writing speed too.

When you get an idea of something you want to write about, don't sit around and think about it.


If you procrastinate you'll not only lose your initial enthusiasm, you'll also think of all the reasons you shouldn't write it, plus you'll lose all your ideas.

I've heard it said that ideas are gifts. You didn't ask for them, you didn't pay for them, you don't owe anyone anything for them. They are given to you.

So don't throw away these gifts. Use them straight away before they disappear, because ideas can be lost really quickly and so easily.

People who earn a lot of money from their writing are those who act on every great idea they have.

If they get an idea for an ebook or a great article, they don't sit around and think about it for a few days or weeks. They sit down, map out an outline of what they want to write and then they get down to work.

Some of the writers who have been successful through their speed of writing are Joe Vitale (who prides himself on how fast he moves from idea to finish product), Sylvester Stallone who wrote the script for the movie Rocky in just 3 days and Isaac Asimov who wrote over 400 books in his writing life which equated to around one book a month.

What would have happened to these writers and their work if they hadn't acted fast and sat down to write every time they had a great idea? They'd be broke nobodies.

There are those who believe that because writing creates a passive income, it means you can sit around, do nothing and earn money.

On the contrary. Successful writers are always writing and they act fast when ideas come to them.

That's the secret of earning money through speed.

The money you make may come long after you've finished your writing, but the speed of writing is what makes the money come.

And what writer doesn't want to earn money?

I've been working as a writer for almost 20 years now and I always find that the more I write and publish, the more money I make.

So next time an idea hits you, act on it. Make the most of your gift (idea) and when you get another one do it all over again, and see the difference it makes to your writing income.

FYI (just in case you're invested, this article went from idea to published in 20 minutes.

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