Friday, 4 December 2015

Where to Find Ideas For Blog Posts and Online Articles

If you've got a blog or website, you'll know how difficult if can sometimes be to keep coming up with ideas for blog posts and articles.

What you need to do is stop trying to invent the wheel because no matter what your subject or niche is, there are thousands of people who've already written about it.

There are literally tens of thousands of pieces of information out there already.

And if you've got a keen eye (or ear) you can find all the ideas you need.

Just listen to an audio or watch a video which is based on your subject area and take notes.

I'm not suggesting that you copy their words exactly, but allow it to spark ideas of your own.

For example, they may briefly mention something that you think worthy of expanding into an article, or a series of articles.

Or you could take a few notes from something that you're listening to or watching, and organise your notes into a full article with a few added ideas of your own.

My only caveat, is to be sure that what you're hearing is the truth and is accurate so that you're not rehashing incorrect information. But if you know your subject really well, you'll know good information when you hear it.

So when it comes to ideas, just remember that there are already speakers out there, addressing the pains and frustrations of your audience, so tap into what they're saying to help you come up with ideas of your own.

There really is an unlimited supply of ideas already available for both fiction and non-fiction writing. You just need to know where to look.

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